Week 13 – Lucky 13

Happy December! As I was beginning this post I remembered that this past week was week 13. Is 13 supposed to be lucky or unlucky? Either way it was a lucky week for me. First, according to my dailymile stats I’ve walked 300 miles since 9/12! That would be the equivalent of walking to Nashville and back. Second, my weight finally moved! Third, and unrelated to my health, Ryan Adams is playing in town next month and I have tickets! Weee!

Monday I had a strength training consultation with one of the owners of my gym. I was surprised that she remembered me and greeted me with a big hug. I know many people prefer to remain anonymous at the gym and quite honestly I preferred that in the past. When people don’t take notice it’s easy to slack off or not show up. We went through a routine together and it requires balance and coordination; two skills I haven’t mastered. Needless to say, my form wasn’t great but I did it and I’ll get better the more I do it. The strength training was a workout by itself so I’m not sure where I mustered up the energy to get on the elliptical for 35 minutes after but I powered through.

I woke up Tuesday to some major soreness in my hamstrings and my chest. I was reminded of it in everything I did. I took the day off because we were at the hospital most of the day with Dad and honestly I wanted to take it easy.

Wednesday when I woke up I decided to weigh myself for some reason. I lost a few pounds – and my total weight loss is 20.2 pounds!!! 20lbs was my first big goal and I was completely ecstatic I finally reached it. I went back for round two even though I was still sore from Monday. I got through it and attempted to do some cardio but lasted a whole two minutes. My legs wouldn’t let me go any further. It wasn’t me being lazy, it was me knowing my limits, and I needed to give my muscles a rest. Later that evening I was still sore but I wanted to go for a walk and see if that would help. I’m not sure what got into me but as soon as I turned the corner on the road I normally walked, I started jogging. I made it pretty far, stopped to walk briefly, and back to jogging. I did that through the first half and decided to walk back. I guess it was the adrenaline of the cold and jogging but I didn’t feel any pain. Walking back was another story, with every step I felt the pain again in my hamstrings. It wasn’t an unbearable pain otherwise I wouldn’t have been laughing at myself the entire trek back.

I can’t remember what happened Thursday but I was only able to get in a walk that turned into a repeat of the night before. I was smiling most of the way thinking about how a couple months ago I couldn’t jog this far and now I can. I’ve still got a long way to go but these little things make me feel wonderful and all of this is worth it.

Friday I went back to the gym for my third day of strength training. I only had a certain amount of time I could spend at the gym due to other obligations and I knew I was being sloppy as a result. I managed to fit in some time on the elliptical but not as much as I would’ve liked. I guess my body is slowly adapting because there’s not much lingering pain after the workout and I don’t feel like I’m crawling to get out of my car which is always a plus!

The weekend was pretty uneventful at the gym due to other plans but I managed to get in some exercise both days. I made it a point to start writing down a few goals (fitness related and non-fitness related) for 2012 and I’ll post those eventually.

Oh, look at this! OK, I’m done feeling good about myself now! ;-D