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Bernheim Forest

fall foliage I always pass Bernheim Forest on my way to Louisville, but in the twenty-four years I’ve been living here, I’ve never stopped. I didn’t have class today because of Election Day, so my flickr friend JJ and I headed up there. After getting there and walking on one of the trails I was kicking myself for not visiting Bernheim sooner. It’s so pretty and peaceful to be surrounded by the woods. I live on a 185-acre farm and I am surrounded by woods but they’re not as extravagant. If we have any more warm days and I’m off I’m definitely going back before we head into Winter.

After going on a short trail and then across the Canopy Bridge we headed back to JJ’s car to find another spot to take pictures at. When he put his key in the ignition his key would not turn. He wrestled with it for about 30 minutes, I even tried and no luck. He eventually called a tow truck and I had to find someone to take me back to my car, my car was about 15 minutes away. I’m usually not in these situations so after calling my brother and finding he was unavailable I didn’t know who else to call. I could’ve called my parents but they would freak out if they drove on the expressway. My friends were all working and by the time they got off of work the park would be closed. I finally decided to call my boss and he picked me up at about 4:30-4:45. After I got back to my car I called JJ to see if he was on his way home. He was still waiting, it turned out that the tow truck went to the wrong address, and it was going to be another thirty minutes before he showed up. Needless to say, today was not his day. 🙁

Despite the inconvenience of JJ’s car being temperamental I had a good day. Today was the perfect fall day, high of 75, with the sun out showing the beautiful fall leaves. I truly love this time of year! The past few years in Kentucky we haven’t had a very long fall, it usually went from really hot to really cold over a few days. I’m happy when days like these come along and I can actually do something with them. You can view the rest of my photos here.

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