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I know it’s not a game but it feels like losing when someone you love gets up and walks away. I’d fix it, I’d fix it, I’d fix it if I could.” – Fix It

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Adam’s for a few years now, and I was extremely excited when I found out he was releasing a new album this year. Sometime last year there was talk of a boxed set of bootlegs and unreleased songs, most of which can be found online. Even though that would be cool, I’m glad to have new music. I’d still buy the boxed set if it was ever made available.

I’ve been more of a fan of Ryan’s solo music rather than when he teams up with the Cardinals…at least until now. It took listening to “Cardinology” a couple times before it really clicked with me. In terms of albums this is probably my favorite that he’s released. Sure, there are other songs I love much more than the ones on Cardinology but they vary by the album, this is the first album of his that I really like every song. Does that make sense? Probably not. If you’re not sure you’re going to like this album try out these songs: Crossed Out Name, Fix It, and Cobwebs.

I can always recommend more music from other albums that are worth listening to – just email me. What’s funny is I have almost 1.5GB worth of his music and I’m missing quite a bit still. That’s one (of many) things I like about him: he’s always making music. My Ryan Adams collection is the biggest music collection I have in iTunes. I’m really surprised Hanson didn’t beat him considering the amount of imports that I’ve accumulated over the years. Heh-heh.

External Ryan Links:
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+ My concert photos from last years show @ the Brown.

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