Happy Holidays

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happy bokeh!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Despite feeling under the weather the last few days, I’ve had a good Christmas thus far. We had breakfast this morning, opened gifts, and visited my brother’s new house, and later had lunch there. After lunch I took a little nap in hopes that my stomach might stop aching from the lunch I had, but I think it only made it feel worse. Bleh!

The gifts that I received this year were: A ticket to see Ryan Adams in March (yes!!), season 2 of Heroes, 5-pack of 120 film for my Holga, gift cards to Target and Sephora, a Jawbone headset for my iPhone and misc goodies from Andy! I thought that I made out pretty good this year, even if Santa didn’t bring me the new Canon 5D Mark II. I guess with the economy money is pretty tight . . . Or maybe I just wasn’t that good? >;-)

What was your favorite present that you received this year?

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    Didn’t make out with much loot this year, although I think it’s partially due to the fact I didn’t ask for anything! I did get a nice new executive chair after I told mom it was on sale at Staples, and a 27×40″ poster frame for my Harry Potter: OoTP Voldemort poster I’ve had sitting in a tube for months.


    Jordan - December 26, 2008

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