Fall 2008

I’ve successfully completed the first two weeks of classes for the fall semester. When I started on the 19th I had four classes: Intro to Music, English 102, Modern Social Problems, and Beginning Japanese. I had a feeling I would have to drop Japanese before I even went to the class because it’s a difficult language to learn. If I was working 10-20 hours/week I could give it the attention that it needed, unfortunately, I’m working 30-35 hours. When I originally made this schedule last semester I was still planning on staying at that school and Intro to Music was part of WKU’s curriculum but I’ve found out it’s not part of UofL. It’s really confusing which is why I’m going to go to an adviser who knows about what will transfer and what won’t. Needless to say the Intro to Music class was dropped but I was too late to add on another class. You would think that they would give you more than one day to add a class. Oh well, I’ll get done with school eventually.

I’ve enjoyed my Modern Social Problems class so far, because my sociology instructor from last semester also teaches this course. I wish I could take video clips on my phone to show you all just how silly he is. Today’s class included him skipping around the room and a very awkward moment of him talking about Viagra and that it’s for older men like him who need “help”. Ha!

English 102 is going to be a lot of papers, in fact we just turned in our first paper today. I wasn’t too thrilled with how it turned out because she chose the topic. It was supposed to be a claim/argument paper, but it was over something I had no real opinion on and I bs‘d my way through it. Our next paper is an evaluation over a movie of our choice. I’m going to do some research first but it’s going to be over either “Once” or “Across the Universe”. It *should* be fun!

My iPhone has come in handy especially now that I’ve added phone service to it. To my surprise I actually get service at home! Gasp! Shock! I’ve been using iCal to enter in homework and spamming the heck out of twitter with random updates from the day. I’ve recently joined Loopt (a location based social network) but I don’t think I will be parting with BrightKite anytime soon because of it. If you didn’t notice I’ve officially become a social networking junkie. As if I need more websites to check daily. ;-P

Other than school nothing real exciting is going on in my life. I am going to New Jersey and possibly New York City in October – that came about in the last month. I’m going to spending about five days there with my friend Andy, I’m looking forward to a break and to hang out with him again!

Hopefully there won’t be such a gap between this blog entry and the next. Hope you all are doing well!

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