Week four

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I finished week four of this new fitness journey. I haven’t quite decided how frequently I want to blog about health/fitness things. I don’t want to jump into too much too fast so doing this weekly seems counterproductive at the moment.

Monday started off on a good note, I ended up logging a little over 4 miles on my pedometer. I noticed that evening I was getting a sore throat and assumed it was because of the jogging/running I did earlier in the afternoon (sucking in too much cool air). Tuesday morning I woke up to body aches and an even sorer throat. I went on to class and made it through two classes and decided I needed to go home and lay down. I felt bad because I was getting sick and also because the number on my pedometer wasn’t where it needed to be for the day. Yeah, I’m becoming that person! I got home and took my temperature and it was at 101.

Wednesday I woke up feeling much better albeit a little weak. I decided I was going to go ahead and do my morning walk. If I could only do half it was better than nothing. I did the usual 2.5 miles followed by an hour and a half worth of cleaning. I probably overextended myself considering I ended up doing over 20K steps by the end of the day.

I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night, I was coughing most of the night, and slept in a little longer than I should’ve. After class I headed to Nashville to see my favorite band, Hanson, in concert. As if any sickness really could keep me away! 😛 I had some time before meeting up with a friend so I made a couple loops through downtown Nashville to make sure I got to 10K steps for the day. It was a really fun evening despite not feeling my best.

I stayed the night in Nashville and Friday morning I walked around downtown Franklin, which is a cute little town, got breakfast, and headed to Radnor Lake. I’m glad I talked myself into going despite how I was feeling. It was a really peaceful walk, the leaves are beginning to change colors and it was a nice backdrop on the lake.

Kathy and I at the walk. Thanks, Jenn Lee for letting me use this photo!

Saturday morning, was the Scott Kelby Photowalk in Louisville. It was really nice seeing old friends that I don’t get to see often as well as ones I get to see often. Honestly, that was the extent of my walking for the day because I came home and napped pretty much until time for my evening plans.

I’ve designated Sundays as my weigh-in day and I knew not to expect much when I stepped on the scale this morning given what week it was. I was up .6lbs this morning. It was disheartening at first to see that I was up but it could be water, bloating, or other things. And even though I’ve been/and am still under the weather I should log about 25-26 miles for the week.

I haven’t figured out if weighing in weekly is doing me any favors or if I should only do it once a month. Or if I’m prolonging whatever it is that I have by continuing to get out into the cold and exercising. That being said, I don’t think I want to stop simply because it’ll be hard to get going again. Thoughts?

I’ll leave you with a song I’ve had on repeat this week… 🙂

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcYM-7TlmmM]

“Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.”

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    I would say, if weighing in discourages you from exercising and eating well (two of the most important aspects of losing weight if that is what you want to do), then weighing in shouldn’t be a daily or even weekly routine. Find another weigh to judge your progress. Like maybe the way your clothes fit? Your weight is going to go up & down depending on illness, etc. You can’t let a difference of .6 get you down. You are beautiful!

    Roy - October 2, 2011
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      Yeah, I only let it get me down for a few minutes and then I was out walking again. heh. I’m putting off my usual walk until later in the day, which is hard considering I’ve barely sat still the past few weeks. Maybe that’s why whatever it is I have is sticking around as long as it has.

      Pam - October 3, 2011
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    FWIW, I weigh in Saturday mornings currently. Before I started going to WW meetings (which are early Saturday now), I weighted in on Friday mornings. For me, I tend to eat the “worst” (which is still pretty good by miles from before) on the weekends because my schedule on the weekends is totally different then it is during the week. This is also the most likely time that I eat out. Long ago I decided my splurge days would be on the weekends for these reasons and it’s worked out really well. Maybe it would be better to have your weigh in Friday or Saturday morning instead. Most of my friends have found this useful since they’ve found the same to be true and have adjusted their weigh in day. Another thought is that with all the walking you’ve been doing, you may be up from the muscle gain or you may be holding extra water from all the exercise. I found this to be true for me – when I work out, I lose less because of the muscle gain and because I retain more water when working out. You may want to try tracking your measurements once a month so you can see those Non Scale Victories more clearly on the weeks that you’re up.

    I know many sources recommend weighing once weekly, but I weigh almost daily. I do this to keep track of where I’m at. I don’t like surprises on weigh in day! Your weight can change by a whole pound or more from one day to the next, so I only track my weigh once a week, but weighing almost daily has helped me see the trends of when I’m up and when I’m down. For example, I know that when I’ve had a day where I’ve eaten something really salty (like pizza), it makes my weight go up the next day because it makes me retain water. I know when I’m going to be up (week before that time of the month I either don’t lose or gain just a bit) and know when I’m going to be down. It took a LONG while to get used to the gains on any given week because they can be very discouraging, especially when you aren’t expecting it, so expecting it has helped me a lot. It did take some time to get used to weighing in once a week, but I’ve found it way more helpful then weighing less often. It really helps me stay on track!

    Keep up the good work!! 🙂

    Lindsey - October 3, 2011
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      Lindsey, good point about weekends and eating out! Saturday I ended up eating out for both lunch and dinner (which I don’t particularly like doing) so that could be a good reason why I was up, in addition to pms. Maybe I should start doing it middle of the week or something and skip weeks when it’s that time of the month.

      How hard is it keeping track of everything you eat and determining the point count for WW? I don’t want to jump into too much too soon otherwise I’ll get burned out. Maybe if I simply keep a journal and write down foods I eat (instead of food I eat *and* calorie count) it’ll be helpful.

      Pam - October 3, 2011
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        At first I struggled with getting everything in a tracker. I did well for the first few weeks then did it half assed for almost a month and a half. I didn’t lose in that month and a half that I only half tracked things, but I didn’t gain either. When I finally decided I needed to get with the program (so to speak), I didn’t worry so much about how many points I was eating, just focused on tracking. I figured out the points and stuff, but if I was over, no big deal. During that time, I also tried to focus on eating because I’m hungry vs eating because I’m upset/tired/stressed/bored (tip: if you aren’t sure, drink water, sometimes you’re just thirsty but your body sends hunger signals to let you know that). After a few weeks of just doing that, I focused on the next step: watching those points and staying in my daily target.

        I’ll tell you that half the battle is tracking and so many people I know struggle with it. I tell everyone who asks to do what I did – just write it down or track it however you feel works for you. Do it every day, then move on to sticking to the points/calorie target.

        I admit that without a WW app on my phone, I really doubt I’d stick with it or be successful. It’s super easy to do because the app has a calculator and you have the whole food database at your fingertips. It takes a while to get good at guesstimating when eating out, but if there isn’t nutrition info available, it’s not impossible to do (just use your best guess). I plan out my day first thing in the morning and track everything then. I adjust as I go for snacks or if I didn’t eat something or plans changed. Like many things, it just takes getting used to!

        Lindsey - October 5, 2011

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