Change is coming…

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I’m always apprehensive about posting about things I’m accomplishing at the moment, because it seems like I always jinx myself when I begin sharing things and then I stop doing whatever it is I’m doing. I’ve heard it takes 21 days to form a habit and since it’s been over 21 days I feel like I can share this without falling off the wagon tomorrow. (Fingers crossed! lol)

It seems like it’s been one thing after another the past few months and about three weeks ago I reached my breaking point. I decided I could either feel sorry for myself about circumstances that were out of my control or I could change things that I do have control over. I started walking that morning and decided this is what I needed to focus on. Exercise makes me happy but I never really had the motivation to do it as frequently as I should. School is my only distraction at the moment and there’s no excuse as to why I can’t do this now.

At the end of July I began writing down my weight and at that point I was at my heaviest. I lost a couple pounds a few weeks after that weigh in, but the majority of my weight loss has been in the last three weeks. When I weighed in yesterday I lost 14 pounds all together(!!) When I saw this number tears began welling in my eyes. I felt so happy and proud of myself because all my hard work was paying off.

I’ve been using my pedometer religiously; watching the step, mileage, and calories burned count go up each day is more addicting than I care to admit. I’ve been trying to incorporate things here and there and last week I began using my DailyMile account again. I began by inputting data from the previous week into my account. Two weeks ago I walked 26 miles for the week. Last week I was already at 26 miles on Saturday. Yesterday I got to 29 miles and I was pretty sure I was done for the day, but then I began thinking that a mile will only take about 15-20 minutes of my time that I’m otherwise wasting. I did the mile and ended up at 30 miles for this past week. To me that number is pretty impressive given I live in a state where most people use cars as transportation rather than public transit. Those numbers were met out of my own free will.

In this short time, I’ve noticed changes in my feelings about food (more about this in a later post) and I’m noticing subtle changes in my body. It’s a nice feeling when I put on an item of clothing that used to be really tight that is now not so tight. There has been a not so good change that has created a little pain in my knees but then again I’ve been using 3-year old shoes most of this time. I think when my new shoes come in it’ll make a world of difference.

I’ll leave you with a great song that has kept me going!


“Feels like change is coming …feels like change is coming soon”

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    Awesome Pam, let me know if you ever want to try cycling. That is my drug of choice for staying healthy. I know what you mean by getting a high off the numbers. I love looking and seeing how fast I went and how many miles I did.

    Keep you the great work and I love reading about it.

    Christine - September 26, 2011
    1. Avatar

      I really would love to try cycling. If you have any friends getting rid of a bike or know of one that’s simply collecting dust, please let me know! 🙂

      Pam - September 26, 2011
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    Nice! Look forward to reading more!

    Roy - September 26, 2011
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      I was thinking of making it a weekly thing but I’m not sure if I can come up with things weekly to talk about but it might encourage me to do and try new things!

      Pam - September 26, 2011

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