2012 Goals

I’ve been thinking about things I want to accomplish in 2012… I use the word accomplish because resolutions always induce a sense of failure in my mind if they’re not accomplished. I wanted to come up with a small list of goals I know I could realistically reach by the end of the year. So this is what I came up with…

Keep moving
No matter what keep moving. These past few months I’ve tried to do some sort of physical activity every day unless I’m sick or on the rare occasion I’m booked solid all day. I want to keep this up, and I don’t think it’ll be difficult since it feels like exercising has become a habit. I can definitely tell a difference in my mood and how I feel physically on days when I can’t fit anything in or I’m forced to stay in bed because of sickness.

Eat more veggies
I have no problem getting fruit into my diet everyday. I love fruit. Veggies, on the other hand… Some sort of salad is my veggie of choice but lately I’m so burned out on leaves of any kind. In all honesty, I need to be more proactive about finding healthy recipes to make veggies taste better. Plus, the weight would probably come off a bit faster if I ate more veggies.

Stay focused
When I say stay focused I don’t mean stay focused on getting healthy but all aspects of my life. We live in a world where everyone is multitasking and distracted (or is that me?) so it’s always hard to stay focused on one thing. If I have downtime, I’m not resting, I’m probably wasting time on my iPhone. I need to enjoy more downtime that requires me to be off the grid and actually enjoying that downtime.

I like being single a lot and have no plans of it changing in 2012 on account of that selfish reason. That being said, it’s fun to go on a date with someone new, getting to know someone, flirting, etc. As I was brainstorming these goals, I set a number for how many dates I should go on (no, I will not say publicly how many I wrote down!) Then I remembered how many dates I’ve been on in the past five years, and I thought I shouldn’t get too set on a number. Plus, I don’t want to force going on a date with someone I don’t really want to go on a date with to meet some quota.

. . . and if I’m feeling really good:

Run a 5K
The ideal time of doing this would be Spring or Fall because I hate Kentucky’s humidity. I need to look into it for sure but I’m behind on training if I plan to do it in the Spring. Realistically, if it happens it’ll be in the Fall.

2012 is going to be my year. What do you have planned?

5 thoughts on “2012 Goals”

  1. Roy says:

    Nice! We’ll talk about this when I am home

    1. Pam says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing you! 😀

  2. Nick says:

    As far as the 5k goes, check out the Black Cat Chase 5k in Oct. This 5k has a mix of runners, joggers, walkers, etc, and is a lot of fun as it takes you through the streets of Frankfort at night.

    1. Pam says:

      You know, I was actually thinking about that. Are you planning to do it again this year?

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