Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and now is a good time to post as any…

Today I’m going to focus on one specific thing, not that I don’t have other things to be thankful for, but it’s coming on mine and Cory’s two-year anniversary at the end of the month.

Here’s a little back story on meeting Cory… I had been on OKCupid for a few months and I wasn’t having much luck and was getting ready to close my account and continue to be single. Cory and I started chatting through the site and it was an instant connection, which eventually led to a 6-hour conversation on the phone. I’m not much of a talk on the phone type; neither of us are in fact, but it felt like we good friends right off the bat. We eventually met up in person and drove around chatting and hit it off in person too. Less than two weeks later we started dating and the rest is history.

Cory is a very special person and has taught me things I couldn’t even imagine in the short time we’ve been together. I’ve never been so comfortable with someone that I feel I can let him know everything that goes through my mind without fear of judgement. He’s stood by me and took care of me when I was sick; both mentally and physically, and for that reason I am eternally grateful. You’re my everything, Cory. Love you! xoxo

Enough of my mushiness… We’re headed to Indianapolis on Monday for a day trip, and Europe in less than a month; specifically London and Amsterdam. I’m sure I’ll have many exciting things to share with you guys from that trip and lots of photos! Hopefully I won’t be too lazy to post about our adventures! ;D

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