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Despite being into technology I am usually always behind on having the latest and greatest. One, I’m a college student (‘nough said), and two, I’d rather wait and get feedback from others about a product before buying. I’d rather be late in the game than wasting money on something that turns out to be underwhelming.

I have been an Apple user since ’05, and say what you will about their prices, they produce great products. Just this year I upgraded my Powerbook G4 to a Macbook. I probably could have waited a little while longer but with the software I needed for college it was running a little slow for my comfort. It has now been passed on to my sister. My current iPhone is the 1st generation that I bought off of a friend when they announced the first 3G model. I’ve been using this phone for the last two years and it has served me well but it is time. Oh, it is time!

After the debacle of trying to pre-order the phone on the 14th, I was finally able to reserve one at the Apple store. The following day I was finally able to pre-order it, but it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until July 6-8. I was a bit bummed but I could wait. I waited until Friday and decided to trek up to the Apple store in Louisville. Heh. I was not getting my hopes up because after seeing the lines on launch day I didn’t think they’d have any left. I got there about 8:30am and there were only 20 people ahead in line. After waiting about 20 minutes the concierge at the door said they had sold out of the 16GB model; what I wanted. BUT I made the special trip, and I was already waiting; I’ll shell out another $100. An hour after arriving I was in and out with my phone activated!

I think the girl who was helping me in the store was a little too excited that I was upgrading from the original to the newest model. I can understand her excitement now after using the iPhone 4. Just simple things like turning the phone on and off is significantly faster, checking in on foursquare (my new addiction) is substantially faster, too.

I’ve spent a lot of time playing around with the phone this weekend and I am in love. I’ve only ran into one issue so far and that was pairing my Jawbone headset up with the new phone. After doing my own troubleshooting, looking at forums and what their solutions were, nothing was working. I finally had a friend look at it and it almost immediately paired to my phone. Go figure!

The one thing I am completely blow away by is the display. Seriously, the colors are so vivid and the text looks incredible. The screenshot below from twitter is a perfect example of how amazing the text looks. My only wish for the future is the ability to install themes without having to jailbreak it. I have no intention of jailbreaking this phone any time soon so I’ll be patient and hope that one day Apple will jump on the bandwagon.

iPhone 4 - Page 1 iPhone 4 - Page 2 iPhone 4 - Text display

4 thoughts on “iPhone 4”

  1. jesm says:

    I wish that you never think about jailbreak an iPhone4, plz!

  2. Rose says:

    I’m stuck in a blackberry contract until… 2 years from now.

    But as soon as I’m out, I’m getting whatever version of the iphone is the latest and greatest 😀

  3. Maria Celina says:

    I heard the iPhone 4 is slightly more uncomfortable to hold than the iPhone 3GS, though. Is that true? But other than that, I heard it’s an amazing phone, vivid colours, brilliant camera, and all.

    I’ve been considering on making The Big Switch out of BlackBerry recently, but I am still torn between Android and the iPhone. Since it’s a recent consideration, I’ll let myself mull over it for a little while longer.

    Thanks for the review, Pam!

    1. themacgirl says:

      Maria, I didn’t notice the iPhone 4 being uncomfortable to hold and I use it a lot – I don’t have internet at home so my phone is my only contact with the outside world. Then again I was also coming from the original iPhone so I’m not sure how it differs in terms of feeling from the 3GS. Wish I could be of help from that aspect. Although I’m pretty biased on Apple products, I’d definitely suggest looking at Android, I’ve heard a lot of good things! 🙂

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