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New addition...

Thanks to one of my friends who recently upgraded his iPhone I now own an iPhone. I’m always behind on technology and I end up buying things long after the hype, so I’m happy that I have some kind of moderately new technology. I haven’t went to AT&T to add phone service to it, I will eventually, but there is still so much you can do with an iPhone outside of using it as a phone. I had originally intended to buy an iPod touch because the “smart phones” phone+data plans were too steep. Basically I needed something where I could store notes and add events to a calendar. I have been utilizing iCal more than ever before by adding my work schedule and dates that I need to remember. I’ve even been using Notes to add to-do lists as well. I know I’ll be using both features even more when I go back to school in a month. I’m becoming forgetful in my old age! hee.

As you know the iTunes store is now selling apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, a website I visited recently said that over 10 million apps were downloaded within the first weekend. That’s crazy but I can see why. I’ve been checking back daily for new apps – these apps are very addicting. If only there was a way to get daily emails from the app store on new apps. Maybe there’s something that I’ve missed?

Current Apps:
I prefer Adium but until they make an app AIM will suffice.

Check Please
A good way to make sure your waitress/waiter is getting their deserved tip.

Crash Bandikoot
The most entertaining app that I’ve stumbled upon…so far. Unlike the other apps listed here this is one you have to buy. However, this app is worth every penny because all you have to do is move around your iphone to the movements. I completely suck at it right now but it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve been told that Mobile Flickr is better but I’m cheap. I don’t do a lot of flickr browsing on my phone so I can’t justify purchasing an app.

A simple way to keep up with your facebook friends when you’re away from the computer.

Phone Saber
It’s a light saber and it makes light saber noises when you move your iPhone. It’s one of those apps that provide brief entertainment then it gets old.

Bored and want to draw something? My thoughts on this app is similar to Phone Saber: brief entertainment.

Tap Tap Revenge
This app would be incredibly cool if it had more than one song available on each skill level. If you’ve played Guitar Hero or Rock Band (who hasn’t?) it’s similar. This app has a lot of potential if you were able to download more songs or able to use songs in your iTunes library.

I’m addicted to twitter and can’t help but love the interface for this app. I wish that there was a way to buy both the ad-free app and ad-free mac app as a bundle instead of spending $35 for both.

What apps do you have installed? Favorites? Apps you’d like to see made? How many times can I say “apps” in one post?

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    Pinch Media have an RSS for App Store apps, so you can find the newly added ones and the top 100, without having to browse through the App Store all the time (which definitely gets old). You can find it here:

    I’m digging Twitterific, and now Twinkle which I never really used before on the iPod Touch ’cause it wasn’t location aware.

    I’ve migrated my ‘to do’ and task list completely to Zenbe Lists. It’s a free app on the App Store, and has its web-based counterpart.

    Remote is very cool and seems to be a favourite for everyone. It doesn’t do a few things I wish it would do, but I’m not complaining. It’s by Apple and it’s free.

    Shazam is useful sometimes, so is ZIPcodes.

    I feel the same about Mobile Flickr, can’t really justify a paid app for Flickr really, don’t do that much browsing on the go.

    Might do my own blog post on this subject. It’s great to know what everyone else is using 🙂 Enjoy the iPhone!

    reemixx - July 18, 2008
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    This is still the tip of the iceberg, I am waiting for apps to come out that haven’t officially been acknowledged. I would love for a rememberthemilk app to come out. Jott has an app out, but I haven’t received my phone yet, so I haven’t tried any of these. Evernote has an interesting looking app. But looks like I will have to check out Exposure and Check Please.

    John - July 18, 2008
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    Personally.. I think AIM could use alot of work. It crashes on me 75% of the time I try to use it.

    My favorite app at the moment is pandora! I am learning about new cool music by listening to it at work.

    I like tap tap, but your review is the same as mine… needs more tracks.

    The game that I’m digging is Aurora Feint. You should check it out.

    Shannon - July 18, 2008
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    @Rhi Thanks for the link, it’s now added to my rss reader. I was looking for twinkle the last few days because one of my friends used it before the appstore. I used it for a short period today and it might be my twitterrific replacement…might… Thanks for the other recommendations, I’ll be sure to check them out and look forward to your post.

    @John Oh yeah, it’s definitely going to be Apple’s year in terms of technology. I’m hoping in the future you are able to download themes for your iPhone. I like the default theme but it would be nice if the wallpaper was behind the menus as well. I tested out Evernote and liked it but I have too many websites to keep up with so I’d likely be better off just using the Notes app and storing photo notes on my phone rather than a website.

    @Shannon I’m going to have to check out that game, as if I need more ways to waste time at work. hehe. 🙂

    Pam - July 18, 2008
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    Although I don’t have any Apple products, when I heard someone’s iPhone making light saber noises as he swung it around waiting for Batman: The Dark Knight to begin, I became instantly envious.

    Patrick - July 19, 2008
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    @Patrick Both the iPod touch and iPhone are loads of fun and not to mention terribly addicting. I’ve been downloading apps left and right in the last day. 🙂

    Pam - July 19, 2008
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    You should check out the Pandora app, it allows you to listen to your Pandora music on the go. I put it on my iPod Touch and love it!

    ATLChris - July 22, 2008

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