Week 13 – Lucky 13

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Happy December! As I was beginning this post I remembered that this past week was week 13. Is 13 supposed to be lucky or unlucky? Either way it was a lucky week for me. First, according to my dailymile stats I’ve walked 300 miles since 9/12! That would be the equivalent of walking to Nashville and back. Second, my weight finally moved! Third, and unrelated to my health, Ryan Adams is playing in town next month and I have tickets! Weee! Monday I had a strength training consultation with one of the owners of my gym. I was surprised that she remembered me and greeted me with a big hug. I know many people prefer to remain anonymous at the gym and quite honestly I preferred that in the past. When people don’t take notice it’s easy to slack off or not show up. We went through a routine together and it requires balance and coordination; two skills I haven’t mastered. Needless to say, my form wasn’t great but I did it and I’ll get better the more I do it. The strength training was a workout by itself so I’m not sure where I mustered up the energy to […]