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A couple weekends ago we visited Chicago for my birthday. I’ve only visited Chicago once before (aside from passing through the airport), and remembered enjoying it aside from the fact we visited on SPRING BREAK, which is really still Winter for Chicago.

We didn’t do a whole lot of research for this trip, which is unusual for both of us, and so the bulk of our first day there was walking around aimlessly. That weekend I didn’t want to research every little thing we did before going; especially food. The restaurants we picked were not picked out for their excellent Yelp reviews. It was interesting going into a restaurant and not knowing what to expect or what the food might look like. One interesting meal we had was in the back of a jewelry store. It was a very small, very out of place, Mediterranean restaurant that was pretty good. The other restaurants we visited were pretty meh but that’s OK. We did randomly stumble upon Shake Shack! We had already eaten lunch an hour or so ahead of that so we got dessert; Cory got a peanut butter shake and I got the Shack Attack. It was just OK. I would’ve liked to try the burgers just to say I tried them. But alas!

We also visited the standalone M.A.C store on Michigan Ave., and of course, I had to visit the Sephora. Cory is such a trooper. I could’ve went to Sephora in KY and IN but that’s not the point. It was my birthday and I enjoy torturing myself by going to Sephora and seeing all the things I want and can’t buy.

Our favorite part of the trip was the Architectural Boat Tour. It was very informative and relaxing; especially after a day of walking. We picked the perfect time of day to go and the weather was nice too. During the boat tour there was a low flying plane with a camera on it filming Chicago for the film Suicide Squad. We’re going to be in a movie you guys! Who cares if we’re just little specks — we’re in it!!

In retrospect, I probably should’ve played around with my new camera before we went on our trip. I found myself frustrated many times trying to remember where the settings I want are, and unfortunately, sometimes I just said forget it. Aside from that frustration — I did get a few gems here and there. I am noticing with the new camera with the wide-angle lens there is a lot of distortion around the edges due to the lens. As fun as the lens is at times, I’d be better off selling the 10-20mm and going with with a normal lens; maybe the 24-70mm. Perhaps sometime next year when I have some money saved. Why are my hobbies so expensive?! #firstworldproblems On to the photos…



I so wish I was standing back when I captured this but I still love it.

Trump Tower


The Bean


Chicago Architectural Boat Tour

Chicago Architectural Boat Tour


Chicago Architectural Boat Tour



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American Sign Museum

Last weekend Cory and I went to Cincinnati for a low-key mini vacation. We haven’t been anywhere since Europe and we were needing to get away and do little-to-nothing.

One of the few plans we had while in Cincinnati was to use a Groupon he bought for the American Sign Museum. I’m so glad he found it because I wouldn’t have went otherwise . . . and it was amazing! It was a tiny museum; like three rooms, but it was nicely done and very photo-worthy. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these photos:

Or in color? Hmmm…

While we were there I was inspired to take some photos that I could later edit with the Party Party App from the amazing people over at A Beautiful Mess and I think they turned out well for what they are.

American Sign Museum - Cincinnati

American Sign Museum - Cincinnati

I really hate to admit it but my iPhone is replacing my DSLR but I’ll never part with it. It’s so easy to do fun things (quickly) with the iPhone and it’s super portable. I took some photos with my DSLR while at the sign museum, but from what I could see on my tiny screen I liked the photos from my iPhone better anyway.

All of these photos were taken with an iPhone 6 using the VSCOcam app using a variety of filters and the Party Party app for animations.


Day tripping: Indianapolis

Yesterday Cory and I road tripped about two-hours to Indianapolis and part of the day exploring. We mapped out some sights we’d like to see and by the end of the of trip, we visited most of those places. It was nice because we so rarely have the same days off and we weren’t rushing; which is always nice.

We first started out at the Love sculpture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I would’ve liked to visited the Museum of Art, but alas, they’re closed on Mondays. :-\ We did have a nice time photographing the sculpture and walking around the grounds.

Next, we headed to White Rive State Park where I wanted to walk the canal. We didn’t realize just how humid it was going to be and didn’t dress for it. We walked around for a while, had good conversations, and then decided we were getting hungry. This was a very good practice for our trip to Europe next month, because I realized my camera bag is too heavy, we both need to wear lighter clothes for extensive walking. As much as we both wanted to look cute yesterday, we both would’ve preferred to be comfortable by the day’s end! Lesson learned!

We planned to visit a local Kabob restaurant on the other side of town and once we finally got there we saw they were closed. Apparently they close at 2pm and open back up for dinner. We were both fairly disappointed (and very hungry) but headed to Jack in the Box to satisfy Cory’s love for their tacos. We don’t have a Jack in the box in Kentucky so he’s not had them since November, and it was time to indulge him! He was very happy after we finished our meal.

We saw that there was a Goodwill across the street and stopped there. I’m always on the lookout for cheap clothes and he found a pair of black (almost) knee high boots that were my size and fit my calves; all for ~$5! Yes!

Shortly after this we left Indianapolis because the heat was exhausting for both of us, and at this point I was ready to take a nap. We headed back to Clarksville and ended the day with ice cream. Even though the day was exhausting, we both had a good time.

This Saturday (the 31st) marks two years together officially. We’ve had lulls at time just as any couple would, but the past two weeks have brought us closer together, and I’m so happy to have found him. He’s my soulmate.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Happy One Year!

year one

Cory and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Friday. The whole weekend was awesome really. Friday, we stayed in Louisville, had sushi at Caviar, followed by dessert at Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen. Saturday, we went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness; which both of us really enjoyed, and had dinner at a steak house. I eat steak maybe twice a year and it really, really, really hit the spot this weekend. I wish we could have more weekends like this because it was wonderful and relaxing. It’s funny that I took photos of our food but never thought to take one of US. ha ha ha.


Dance recital

emi <3

I got to see my niece at her dance recital. If you can’t tell from the photo, she was absolutely adorable!

Good makeup days


Thank god for good makeup days! I almost always wear makeup to work but yesterday I put forth a little more effort because I had the time.

I turned into a makeup addict around April of last year when I found a great foundation I enjoyed wearing and I’ve been slowly been building a nice collection ever since. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m getting the hang of applying the basics correctly and figuring out what works for my complexion. It almost makes me want to post a new photo each week trying a different look. I said almost.. ;-)

Note: Thankful Thursday is a weekly list of things I have to be thankful for or positive things that have happened in the last week.


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list of places to see before I die for a long time. Cory, too, has also longed to go, and so it seemed like a good choice for our first vacation together. We were leaving a few days after my finals so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about the trip, what we would do, etc. We were just going for a weekend so we really couldn’t plan much anyway. I knew I wanted to see the Watchtower and of course the canyon.

I was feeling a bit nervous because this was my first trip with a significant other. Cory and I get along well and haven’t argued about anything. So my worry was “what if he decides after this trip he doesn’t want to be with me anymore?!” You know the usual irrational thoughts.

We left on a Saturday morning; we had to be up at 4AM to get to the airport in time and catch our plane. Knowing we had to be up that early I didn’t sleep well and woke up way before the alarm. We made it to Phoenix by 9am their time. As we were taking the shuttle from the airport to the rental car lot, I got very excited to see my first catci in person, and why did I not realize that Phoenix has palm trees? I saw my very first palm trees in San Francisco back in 2009 and hadn’t seen any since.

The guy who was walking us to our rental car was talking it up and I see us walking toward this adorable lime green car. I guess some people don’t want to be seen in a lime green car but it was perfect for the road trip we had ahead to the Grand Canyon.

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