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I finished up the Spring semester and I couldn’t be happier. This has been an exhausting semester and a complete test of my patience at times. Fortunately, I have a whole month free between now and the beginning of the summer semester. I have a few ideas for things I’d like to do during this time, but I know if I do everything that I want I’ll kick myself for not taking it easy come June. It’s difficult to find the balance between completing tasks and also making time for rest. Here are a few things I want to do while on break…


With my tax return I decided to splurge on one thing: a Kindle. Unfortunately, with my schedule I haven’t been able to read a lot and so I’ll be happy to break it in! I have three books waiting to be finished, as well as books I’ve been adding to my goodreads to-read shelf.

Take photos

Every now and then I reminisce through my Flickr feed to times when I took a lot of photos. I hate that my camera bag sits in my closet literally collecting dust. I’m planning to take at least one photo a day (iPhone pictures excluded) during the month of May. I seem to have commitment issues when it comes to photo projects so hopefully 31 days won’t be such a stretch.


I’m planning to take at least one trip down to Nashville to visit a girlfriend, and maybe another trip with a long time internet friend for a photo trip.

I wasn’t planning to go back to the NJ/NYC area until August and I was almost certain that I wouldn’t drive it again. That being said I’m driving back to Jersey in late May! Ha ha. I’m visiting the boy and being his date for a wedding. Hey, I can’t pass up an opportunity to wear a dress and the beautiful necklace he gave me at Christmas! I’m also planning to visit two crazy (but not so crazy) flickr friends. I should have no problem taking a picture a day while I’m there. It’ll be fun… :)

If you’re planning a long road trip, I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version of I Drink For a Reason by David Cross (aka Tobias from Arrested Development). I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed reading the book as much but listening to David read the book along with his own commentary was hilarious.

Internet Life


051 : 365 I marked on the calendar at work my last day – Friday, May 8th. I haven’t officially decided what day I’m leaving for the trek to Seattle but I imagine it will be the following week. I wanted to have some time to pack and spend time with friends before heading out. I’m still feeling a little nervous about the drive, and honestly I’d still prefer to fly out there but my brother thinks having a car out here would be helpful.

This week is definitely calm compared to last week. Last week was filled with a lot of stress because I had 3 tests, one of which I wasn’t really prepared for. Plus, I’ve taken on a web design job for my brother’s friend. It’s not a big job but it’s hard to balance putting in time for it with work and school. I have a hard time enough trying to get myself to study let alone do anything else. I’ve been trying to get better by getting rid of sites I waste time on, but I’ve only got rid of BrightKite and Livejournal. I briefly thought about doing away with my Twitter account, too, but I just can’t make myself do that. Heh-heh.

This weekend was my friend Diane’s birthday and we celebrated at her and the hubby’s house with lots of wine – which helped calm down my stress levels. I’m not normally a huge fan of wine but we were told to bring a bottle. I decided to bring a bottle of wine called “The Little Penguin” which won for most unique label. As far as taste it was just okay, but like I said I’m not a huge fan of wine. I’m waiting for embarrassing videos and photos to start showing up on Facebook but none as of yet. Heh.

Speaking of Diane, a while back she asked me for copies of these photos (1, 2, 3) and I was surprised to see them hanging on their wall. If I wasn’t “out of it” at the time I would have taken photos. It’s nice to see my art on someone else’s wall.

I hope you are having a good week! :)

Internet Life

Square One?

I met with my college adviser today to register for classes for the Spring semester, it seems a little early but I guess it’s really not. I was assigned to this adviser after switching my major from “Undecided” to “Business” a couple of days ago. It was a liberating feeling at the time to finally not be undecided, but to be working toward something. I went to this adviser in hopes that he would be able to tell me what would transfer to UofL, and keep me going in that direction. Instead, he was about as clueless as I was and still am. I was already annoyed because he kept me waiting almost 45 minutes after my scheduled time, time that I could have been studying, so this added to it. He said that UofL is constantly changing their curriculum and it’s really hard to say what will transfer without talking to someone at UofL. I think a lot of it is universities want their students to get all of their classes completed at the university, and they’re making it increasingly difficult to have transferable courses available at community colleges.

He found three classes for me and had a problem finding a fourth class to put me in. He finally found an Intro to Business class. He thought that it was transferable, he said, “…if nothing else you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for and if you want to continue a Business degree.” Great! I guess the Spring semester will be my last semester at ECTC… and off to bigger and better things!

As much as I want to move out as soon as possible I’ll probably delay it a little while. Given the state of the economy, the world going down the crapper, how dramatically Obama changes things when he becomes President ( ;-) ), etc. I’d feel safer about saving extra money to have in case of emergencies. I’ve seen too many of my friends move out before they should and depend on a credit card to get by each month. It’s better to be smart about it, right?

I have a busy weekend ahead with errands, work, and a definition-argument I need to write before going on vacation on Wednesday. I think it’s inevitable that I’ll have to work on final revisions while on vacation, but it shouldn’t require too much time and effort. What do you have planned for the weekend?

Also, I wanted to wish my brother Roy a very Happy Birthday! Miss you! :)


Fall 2008

I’ve successfully completed the first two weeks of classes for the fall semester. When I started on the 19th I had four classes: Intro to Music, English 102, Modern Social Problems, and Beginning Japanese. I had a feeling I would have to drop Japanese before I even went to the class because it’s a difficult language to learn. If I was working 10-20 hours/week I could give it the attention that it needed, unfortunately, I’m working 30-35 hours. When I originally made this schedule last semester I was still planning on staying at that school and Intro to Music was part of WKU’s curriculum but I’ve found out it’s not part of UofL. It’s really confusing which is why I’m going to go to an adviser who knows about what will transfer and what won’t. Needless to say the Intro to Music class was dropped but I was too late to add on another class. You would think that they would give you more than one day to add a class. Oh well, I’ll get done with school eventually.

I’ve enjoyed my Modern Social Problems class so far, because my sociology instructor from last semester also teaches this course. I wish I could take video clips on my phone to show you all just how silly he is. Today’s class included him skipping around the room and a very awkward moment of him talking about Viagra and that it’s for older men like him who need “help”. Ha!

English 102 is going to be a lot of papers, in fact we just turned in our first paper today. I wasn’t too thrilled with how it turned out because she chose the topic. It was supposed to be a claim/argument paper, but it was over something I had no real opinion on and I bs‘d my way through it. Our next paper is an evaluation over a movie of our choice. I’m going to do some research first but it’s going to be over either “Once” or “Across the Universe”. It *should* be fun!

My iPhone has come in handy especially now that I’ve added phone service to it. To my surprise I actually get service at home! Gasp! Shock! I’ve been using iCal to enter in homework and spamming the heck out of twitter with random updates from the day. I’ve recently joined Loopt (a location based social network) but I don’t think I will be parting with BrightKite anytime soon because of it. If you didn’t notice I’ve officially become a social networking junkie. As if I need more websites to check daily. ;-P

Other than school nothing real exciting is going on in my life. I am going to New Jersey and possibly New York City in October – that came about in the last month. I’m going to spending about five days there with my friend Andy, I’m looking forward to a break and to hang out with him again!

Hopefully there won’t be such a gap between this blog entry and the next. Hope you all are doing well!



Louisville, KY.

For months I’ve been going back and forth between where I’m going to transfer to after I finish my general education courses. For those of you who don’t know me very well I currently attend a community college in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and through that college I can finish my four-year degree via WKU without leaving that campus. This is appealing because I would only have to travel 30 minutes to school, could still live at home, and could keep my current job. Basically this is the comfortable route.

On the other hand, I could transfer to UofL and live in Louisville. Outside of the five months that I spent living in a suburb of Michigan I’ve never lived outside of my parents home in the country. I don’t think I’d have any problems adjusting, it’s more of a fear of being able to support myself. I suppose it’s good to have that kind of fear. Fortunately, I don’t have any debts and I don’t own a credit card. I need to figure out a way to start building up my credit without a credit card. I’ve only taken out one loan and I repaid it in a timely manner. I’m not really sure if just one loan can give you a credit score or not. Can it?

I know where I’d like to live and I think it’s doable. I’d like to live in Old Louisville; not too far away from campus. I’ve been looking at Craigslist and found many places for at or less than $400/month for one bedrooms. Outside of rent the only other things I will need are broadband internet (finally!!!!), groceries, gas**, and a little spending money. I know it would be more economical to have a roommate but all of my friends in Louisville either have families or already have a place with roommates. Maybe something will open up between now and then.

I know a lady through flickr who sells houses in Louisville who knows a guy that owns a few buildings in that area of town. Hopefully, I can use that contact and find something cheap and safe. It won’t be until this spring that I really start to look for something seriously, but it’s something nice to look forward to.

**With gas the way it is now I might even consider a bike since I’d be close to school and downtown. From what I hear parking is hellish on campus so it would be less of a headache for me.

So that’s the big news going on in my life. What’s going on with you?