Memories in 8-megapixels

Sometimes I like to open up iPhoto (or as Apple calls it now Photos) and wander back through my past. This isn’t because I’m longing for anything in particular from my past, simply wanting to take a trip down memory lane or see when an event happened, and then I end up going down a rabbit hole.

My interest in digital photography started sometime during my junior or senior year of high school. I was starting to pick up a couple of small web design jobs thanks to a very influential computer teacher I had who always pushed me even when I didn’t want to be pushed. I remember one day, I took our school’s digital camera out with me to take some photos for a client and I knew I wanted one of my own eventually. This was back in 2001 or 2002 so this fancy Sony digital camera used floppy discs as storage. Can you imagine?!

I’ve had a couple of small cameras since high school and in 2007 I purchased my first DSLR camera: a Canon Rebel XT. I played with it a little after I got it but I found myself frustrated by how many features there were and how I couldn’t quite get the photos to look the way I wanted them to. I quickly learned it’s not the camera that takes good photos; it’s definitely the user and their skills!

Since purchasing that camera, I saw many places through its viewfinder. I visited NJ/NYC numerous times. It traveled with me during our cross country trip to Seattle where I spent a summer. I went to San Francisco, explored Kentucky and a slew of states nearby, and the Grand Canyon. It went overseas with me to Japan and most recently to Europe. I’ve experienced a lot of good memories with said camera, like meeting an amazing group of people from Flickr over the years whom I consider friends now. We don’t get together as much as we used to with the invent of social media but the connection is still there.

I’m not going to lie, since having an iPhone my DSLR has collected a little more dust each year to where there would be months that would go by and it would sit in my closet. This made me sad but with my work and school schedules over the years I didn’t have time for my hobbies. Now that school is behind me, and I have a mostly concrete schedule each week, I have time for my hobbies again. Earlier this week I purchased a new DSLR to replace that camera; a Canon 7D. Which brings me to this post and how getting rid of that camera makes me a little nostalgic.

Canon 7D

Also, I want to say I highly recommend buying used from B&H Photo. I had it within two days of ordering it and I saved a couple hundred dollars just by buying used. If I recall correctly, the one I bought was rated 9 on their used scale which means “shows signs of use, but very clean” but it looked brand new to me but without the box. I was VERY pleased. Now it’s time for me to get out there and get used to all the new features on my camera before we go to Chicago next weekend. Eeek! Wish me luck! But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane and some of my photos I’m most proud of.

March 2007 — This is not one of my favorites by any means, but I think this was the first photo I took with this camera.

Space Needle
Seattle. This will probably always be my favorite.

Emi swinging

Lychee Saketini

Beer sampler
I could do food/drink photography for a living.

Union Terminal, Cincinnati
The first trip Cory and I took together. <3

Emi playing in bubbles
Do you know how hard it is to take photos of bubbles?! It was hard!

Emi blowing bubbles
See above.

12 thoughts on “Memories in 8-megapixels”

  1. Jodi says:

    awww, the good old days of Flickr.

    these are all so great; ESPECIALLY the bubble shots! they are so tricky, aren’t they?

    1. Pam says:

      Right? Flickr was our social network back in the day! It makes me a little sad. Do you get on there very much anymore?

      And thank you, lady! It means so much coming from you! <33

  2. K (@Karine) says:

    Pam, this makes me feel old. 2007 feels like so long ago. I still have my Rebel XT.

    The pictures are great. I especially like the color your photos always has.

    1. Pam says:

      Thank you, lady! You’re so sweet! I think I recall you and I were chatting online one day and you went and purchased that camera in the middle of our conversation. lol You should get back into taking photos!

    2. Pam says:

      Also, if you want to feel old let’s reminisce about the days of Livejournal. I SO wish I wouldn’t have deleted my livejournal accounts so I could go down memory lane and laugh.

      1. K (@Karine) says:

        I think I remember that. It was around Valentine’s Day. I found a store that had it in stock and got on a bus to go buy it.

        I’ve been bringing it with me more lately but the iPhone is just so convenient.

        I honestly just logged in to my old LJ account yesterday and read some entries from 12 years ago! I miss livejournal.

        1. Pam says:

          Gotta love those impulse buys! 😛 The iPhone is definitely convenient and you don’t get weird looks like you do when you pull out a DSLR.

          I miss LJ at times too especially the community atmosphere.

  3. Christy says:

    Pam! I’m so glad you’ve picked up photography again! I’ve always wanted to take the leap from film to digital but… eek! For some reason I haven’t been able to.

    Anyway! Can’t wait to see pictures from your trip to Chicago! I’ve been thinking of visiting someday.

    1. Pam says:

      Oh my goodness lady! I give you props for still shooting film, it’s not something I could do simply because I don’t feel confident that I could get the settings right the first time. You’re a great photographer so I’m sure you don’t have that problem.

      I’ve only been the once and that was many moons ago. You should definitely go! Are you doing any traveling this year?

      1. Christy says:

        It’s definitely an expensive hobby! Which explains why I don’t do it often. I have one roll left and after that, it might be time to make the leap to digital to keep me blogging 🙂

        Yes! I’ll be taking some time off in a couple of months and Chicago is on my list of places to potentially visit. Knowing me, I might play it safe and visit my sister in the Bay Area 😛

        1. Pam says:

          Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.. The Bay area has LOTS to see!

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