Goodbye, Holga!

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I’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes lately it seems, and as you’ve seen from my previous post I’m getting rid of my Holga camera. I sent off my last three rolls of film to Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas because their prices were pretty unbeatable. For three rolls (and shipping) it was right at $25 and I had my film back within 7-10 days. Prices in Seattle were pretty expensive and getting to the semi-local shop (an hour away) before they closed was always a hassle. You might give Dwayne’s a try if there’s not a local business nearby that develops 120 film.

The one thing I don’t like about the Holga is the photos are always hit or miss. Out of 36 photos I’ve found four that actually stood out. I guess the same can be said about digital, but with digital you see the results right away and you know whether or not you should keep shooting. One roll of film that I used at the Seattle gay pride parade was ruined because one of the buttons was switched to bulb mode. It was something I should have paid attention to but didn’t.

Hot Mess Hot mess Hot Mess

These are a few examples of what happens when the holga is left in bulb mode when it isn’t needed. Nice, huh? :-O All in all, it’s been fun having a Holga and it’s a good conversation starter but definitely not reliable.

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    For what it’s worth, I’ve discovered that the Walmart in Elizabethtown will send out C-41 120 (to a Fuji lab, I think). Best part is that they’ve been charging me around $1/roll to develop (negatives only). Downside is that it takes a couple of weeks.

    Bill - August 10, 2009
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      I had read that somewhere when I was looking at other options for developing, but I had heard more about Dwayne’s so I decided to try them out.

      Pam - August 10, 2009
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    I’ve always felt digital didn’t have as good an “atmosphere” as other mediums. With digital, you can almost take as many as you want, so you don’t have to be as selective, and there’s also no surprise or anticipation of waiting for film to be developed :p

    Ana - December 30, 2009
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    Hey. Just going through old comments and thought I’d stop by 😀

    Jenny - January 16, 2010
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    The good thing about saying “goodbye” to a previous camera after some time of using it is that you have the experience to vouch for whatever camera you plan to invest in next. I also agree with a previous commenter about the freedom in using a digital camera as opposed to letting the camera’s built-in effects take over. Personally, I haven’t used a Holga yet, and have yet to. Once I gain enough experience with my Lumix, I might go for one of those big DSLR bad boys!

    Maria Celina - March 26, 2010

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