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Summer Songs : 2009 Edition


Happy 4th of July! To celebrate I wanted to pass along a few of my favorite songs that I’ve been playing a lot this summer. A few new songs as well as an oldie. I hope you enjoy!

01. Alexi Murdoch – Blue Mind
“So watch your time turn to sand, let it spill quietly from your hands. Oh, and the time is at hand when all things under the sky. Go free of time, no time is passing you by. Got no time and I am drifting.”
After seeing “Away We Go” only a couple weeks ago Irediscovered my love for Alexi Murdoch. “Blue Mind” is one of my favorite songs off of his debut full-length album Time Without Consequence.

02. Phoenix – Lisztomania
“So sentimental not sentimental no. Romantic not discussing it, darling I’m down and lonely. When we’re the fortunate only? I’ve been looking for something else. Too late too late too late she’ll be late too late too late. So go slowly discourage distant from other interests. On your favorite weekend ending this love for gentlemen only. That’s where the fortunate only. No I gotta be someone else. These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes. A Lisztomania. Think less but see it grow, like a ride like a ride oh! Not easily offended, know how to let it go. From the mess to the masses.”
I remember reading about this band a couple of months ago on a music blog based out of Louisville called Backseat Sandbar. I didn’t check out their music immediately but saw it at a record store here in Seattle, and as it turned out I really liked it. If you like infectious songs this one is for you. Thanks for the recommendation Backseat Sandbar, and sorry I didn’t listen sooner!

03. Bat for Lashes – Daniel
“But in a goodbye bed with my arms around your neck. Into our mouths our tears crept just kids in the eye of the storm. And as the house spun round my dreams pulled me from the ground forever to search for the faith for home again for home again.”
I really want to love Bat for Lashes but this song is about the only one I can tolerate. Plus the video is pretty cool.

04. Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem of the 80’s
“I’m walking through the city like a drunk, but not. With my slip showing a little like a drunk, but not. And I am one of your people but the cars don’t stop. And I am one of your people but the cars don’t stop. And it’s been a long time since before I’ve been touched. Now I’m getting touched all the time. And it’s only a matter of whom, and it’s only a matter of when.”
I’ll be honest I haven’t listened to Regina’s latest album Far a great deal but this is one song that has stuck out. “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” is catchy and fun to listen to while you’re driving, the windows are down, and your music is blaring.

05. Ryan Adams – Memory Lane
“Sometimes when my memory fails I look into my book of spells. Cards we wrote and pictures taken by someone else. I feel the pain, memory lane. I sleep by the window sill sounding out and dream for real of simple times of hands in tangle, fingers engaged. Memory lane.”
This is one of my latest finds and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of his. Personally I don’t think Ryan Adams can do no wrong when it comes to songwriting so I guess I am biased. I find this to be a truly sad but beautiful song. Hopefully he returns to music soon to share his beautiful music with us again!

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