Seven Songs

After being tagged by Patrick I thought this might be fun…

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.”

In no particular order:

01. “Blankest Year” – Nada Surf
This song came on randomly about a week ago and I have been listening to it non-stop – it’s such a catchy song.

02. “Moorestown” – Sun Kil Moon
I recently saw Mark Kozelek (the lead singer of Sun Kil Moon) perform and this was one song that stuck out from the show. Most of their music sounds like this – it’s the perfect music when you want to unwind.

03. “Medicine Wheel” – Aimee Mann
I’m having a hard time getting into Aimee’s new album “@#%*! Smilers” but this song is an exception because it’s classic Aimee.

04. “Firecracker” – Ryan Adams
“Well, everybody wants to go on forever. I just wanna burn up hard and bright. I just wanna be your firecracker and maybe be your baby tonight.”
Ryan Adams is pretty much a music god in my book and I can’t help but love him even more when he plays the harmonica.

05. “Eyes” – Rogue Wave
I first heard this song on Heroes only to realize that it’s been in my iTunes library for who knows how long. Mellow and sweet is a good way to describe this song.

06. “My Only Offer” – Mates of State
I recently discovered this band through a fantastic music ‘zine called Paste. I later previewed their album “Rearrange Us” at ear x-tacy and it’s now on my list of albums to buy. Overall the song is pretty catchy – go download it!

07. “With a Little Help from my Friends” – Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson
Have you seen “Across the Universe”? If you answered “no”, please watch it! This is a cover of the popular Beatles song and these two actors manage to pull it off. Feel free to watch this video too. The video version of the song is slightly different.


6 thoughts on “Seven Songs”

  1. Tim C says:

    Wish I had a blog to put this on…maybe I should get one..hmm
    Here are my 7 songs though:

    1. “Monsters” by Band of Horses
    I found this band not to long ago while I was searching for a song they had in the Ford Edge commercial. This wasn’t the song, but this one hit me like an anvil in the head.

    2. “World Spins Madly On” – The Weepies
    I have a friend that suffered from agoraphobia for a long time. He spent the better part of a year closed away from society, living from his room. He’s gotten past it all now, but still he’s very fragile. This song reminds me of his tough battle. It nearly brought me to tears the first time I listened to it. I’m very proud of him and his strength to overcome such an ordeal.

    3. “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
    A good friend of mine sent me this song a couple of months ago. She said I’d love it, and she was right. I can’t listen to this song without bobbing my head and smiling. This is one of the songs that would play in my head if I was in love. The rest..that’s another list… 🙂

    4. “Schweine” – Glukoza
    This song was featured in the latest Grand Theft Auto game. I have no idea what she is singing about, but it’s got a great beat and some pig sounds in it. I use it a lot when I’m working out.

    5. The score to Wall-E – Thomas Newman
    I couldn’t put any one track from this it all counts as one in my book. I’ve been listening to this pretty much nonstop since I saw the film. This film was amazing! I can’t express in words how this film has made me feel. See it!

    6. “The Surface of the Sun” – John Murphy
    From the film ‘Sunshine’, a brilliant film I saw last year. The soundtrack hasn’t been released, but I managed to find a bootleg a few weeks ago and this track really speaks to me. It inspires me and stokes the fires of creativity from deep within my being.

    7. “Together We Will Live Forever” – Clint Mansell
    From the film ‘The Fountain’. If ever there was a way to film a poem Darren Aronofsky did it with this film. The score is beautifully haunting and this track I listen to almost every day. It brings me to my knees and will drive me to tears.

    There you go. A little insight into my mind right now. I had way more than 7, so it took me a while to single out the final 7 for this list. Ask me again tomorrow and you’ll probably see 7 different ones.

    Great post Pam!


  2. Rhonda says:

    This is a neat idea! Thanks for tagging me. My blog is soon to follow. I believe all of us (you, Tim, and myself) are listening to some of the same things. I absolutely love music so narrowing this down to only 7 might take me a little bit.

    Where’s the Marilyn Manson? 😉

  3. Patrick says:

    I like that Mates of State song. I just recently started liking them after randomly going to see them perform in Newport. My favorite bit in Across The Universe is “Let It Be” and also “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite”, mainly because I like Eddie Izard.

    @Tim, That Glukoza song is really catchy, the video is… interesting, to say the least.

  4. Pam says:

    @Tim Thank you for the recommendations, I have that Weepies song but I’ll have to check out the others. Why don’t you have a blog? I’m going to have to pester you until you get one! 🙂

    @Rhonda Unfortunately, I’m not digging Manson this summer…maybe this winter! 😛

    @Patrick I remember you posting on twitter that you were going to see them. I wish I would have known about it in advance and I might have went as well.

    It’s hard for me to listen to “Let it Be” from Across the Universe because it chokes me up every time, especially when I watch the scene from the movie. Eddie Izzard is pretty awesome, I just watched “Dress to Kill” and cracked up through most of it.

  5. Tim C says:

    @Pam Okay okay…let’s just say the blog in the mail..hehe

    @Rhonda Hey just took a gander at your blog…I guess everybody’s got them now, huh..hehe. Love to see your list when it’s up. As far a Manson goes..I didn’t really like his last album at all. He’s been lost since his relationship with Rose McGowan ended..poor fella..

    @Patrick That video is definitely a weird one…truly.. And nice blog as well.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Okay, I’m about to post mine and I hope no one laughs at me. I like alot of genres. Also I just bought a couple of albums and I’ll normally listen to those new ones over and over until I find something else. Sadly, I won’t have any Marilyn Manson on my blog either. Hope that doesn’t disappoint anyone.

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