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This photo pretty much sums it up… While my brother Roy was home at Christmas he proposed the idea of coming there (Seattle) for the summer. I told him I’d think about it even though I kind of knew what my answer would be. Earlier this week I finally made the decision to do it.

Now is a good of time as any to do something like this – I don’t have anyone or anything holding me back other than my fear of making changes in my life. I weighed the pros and cons, and the only cons I could come up with was missing out on a class this summer and finding a job. Finding a job was and still is the big issue I’m concerned about. My brother assures me that I shouldn’t have a problem, he’s probably right . . . at least I hope he’s right! heh. There are a lot of pros going to Seattle such as: meeting new people, escaping the summer humidity, sightseeing – I’ve already started a list ;-), and most importantly being away from rural Kentucky.

The tentative plan is to leave the second week of May and come back the first week of August – that’s if I want to come back! (heh!) My brother is probably moving to his friends place in the next two months. I’ve seen photos and it’s a really nice place, but the only downside is it’s in the ghetto. I asked if Seattle had a high crime rate, he said no, but the crime that does occur usually happens in that neighborhood. LoL. He says it’s odd because a block away is a nice Jewish neighborhood, and you’re only a few blocks away from parks and the Puget Sound(!)

I’m going to take my brother’s advice and drive there so I can get around on my own. I’ve always wanted to take a road trip across part of America anyway, not to mention documenting the entire way. It looks like I will be going through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, so that should make for nice photos. I even have two girlfriends who said they’d be interested in joining me. I really hope gas isn’t back up to $4/gallon come May. I imagine it’s probably going to take about a week to get there from looking at the route Google Maps gave me. I suppose it would be smart to invest in a GPS. If you have a recommendation for an inexpensive TomTom or Garmin please pass it my way.

6 thoughts on “Seattle”

  1. Christy Mesker says:

    What an exciting trip you have planned. And I think it’s so cool that you’ll be driving it. Can you imagine all the photo ops you’ll have just on the drive alone! I wish you much luck and hope you have a blast. We’ll miss you terribly, but at least we have a few months yet to get together a few more times.

  2. Jordan says:

    Go with the Tom Tom One. Walmart still has them for under $100. I got my mom that one, since she didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles, and it’s been really good for her.

    If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I’d definitely say go with that one. I’ve always preferred Tom Tom units over Magellan and Garmin :X

    And this trip sounds like it’s going to be amazing! If I had the money around the time, I’d totally jump in with you too. Never been on the West coast before! I think the closest I got was a layover in Denver for an hour. haha

  3. Jesse says:

    I’ve always wanted to take a roadtrip simply cause I’ve wanted to travel. I never really had the opportunity growing up to go places due to money restrictions.

    Maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to.

  4. Dylan says:

    How awesome! You must blog your way across the country. Maybe Tumblr would be ideal since it’s so easy to update like tweeter, take pictures and blog. Anyway, safe travels and don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

  5. Dylan says:

    I said tweeter..HA! I meant Twitter! So many apps/sites I get them confused!

  6. Jenn says:

    That should be a fun trip! I can’t believe you are driving too! It took me 3 days to get from Cali to here. It felt like ten! But you should see some beautiful landscapes on your route. Just please be careful, we want you to stay safe!

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