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I could spend a lot of time on Pinterest, thank god I don’t have unlimited data on my cell phone plan because I’d probably never leave the house! I spend too much time pinning decorating ideas for my imaginary home, finding new recipes, and looking at fashion.

There was one girl I kept (unintentionally) pinning to my body love and stylish boards; her name is Teer Wayde. She’s a gorgeous plus-size model whose website is accurately called Curves to Kill. She’s like a mix of rockabilly and pinup. I love her style and her attitude in her photos. How I wish I could afford the clothes that she models; seriously who can afford $190 for a cardigan? If anyone has any suggestions on where you can find affordable pinup or rockabilly type clothes please share links!

A couple months back I told Cory that ideally I’d like to look like her body wise. According to her website, she’s a size 12-14; I’m currently a 16. I’ve never wanted to be skinny but I think I would look good around her size. More than anything I want to be happy and healthy — that’s the primary goal. I guess I should stop talking and actually share some photos I’ve found through her pinterest and around the web. Enjoy!

teer collage

Note: None of these photos are mine. They are copyrighted to the respected parties.

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