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As mentioned in the previous post I have my eyes set on a Blackberry Pearl, and I had a little extra time before going into work today so I stopped by Bluegrass Cellular to get a few questions I had answered. I walked in, and I was greeted and asked if I had any questions. I told her that I was just looking but then quickly added, “…Well I do have a few questions!” The middle-aged woman answered them, but not without acting as if I was an idiot and that she was being inconvenienced by actually having to help someone. It’s not as if I asked ignorant questions, I simply asked about the Blackberry models that they offered and what kind of monthly prices I should expect if I indeed bought one. After giving me the spiel (reluctantly) she handed, or shall I say “tossed”, me some brochures. Needless to say, I didn’t stay very long and left feeling annoyed.

I work at a “mom and pop” store and I know how hard it is for independents to make it these days, and if you don’t have good customer service you won’t make it. When you have potential customers come into your store you should be pleasant and not belittle them. Even if they don’t buy anything on their first visit they’ll be likely to return if they were treated well. If it wasn’t for the fact that Bluegrass Cellular is the only provider that offers service in my area I wouldn’t give any thought to going back. I realize everyone has their days but this isn’t the first complaint I’ve heard from this company; specifically this location.

As much as I want a new cell phone something keeps telling me just to wait a few more months, because I’m still a little apprehensive about going with this company. Because they’re not a nationwide company like AT&T, Verizon, and the like, they have quite a few restrictions. For example, if I ever make calls from Louisville or Lexington it’s considered roaming and you are only given a certain amount of roaming minutes a month. Granted, it would be rare that I went over the alloted roaming minutes, it’s the idea that it’s restrictions. My boss uses this company and I remember one month he ended up with a $700 bill because of roaming between him and his wife. Unfortunately, they had to pay it. Yet something else to fear.

Secondly, I’m not a huge fan of their prices. I’m looking at $150 for the phone, $39.99/month for unlimited email and internet, and around $49.99/month for a decent voice plan. I don’t mind spending a little extra money because I would actually get service at home, but that’s a little more than I want to pay. I’m going to be looking at $90-$100/month for service. I don’t think so…

I guess I’m back to waiting and hoping that AT&T puts up a tower nearby soon. I was talking to an AT&T rep a while back and she said the next tower is going to be put near my area and it was likely I would finally get service. She didn’t know a time frame but hopefully it’ll happen soon. I’m becoming impatient, can you tell?

This pales in comparison to other experiences but this is today’s feature. Feel free to post your tales of bad customer service or better yet – really good customer service.

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