During the middle of March I started receiving e-mails from NameCheap regarding my domain name renewal. I briefly thought about not renewing it because I haven’t updated since June. Though I’m sure that’s not the longest I’ve gone without posting to one of my sites. I gave thought to buying a new domain, one that didn’t allude that I only blog about Apple or cosmetic (M.A.C) products. However, moving databases makes me uneasy and it seemed like a lot of work. So I opted to renew this domain and decided I should start blogging again.

There have been a lot of changes going on in my life since June; actually there have been a couple big changes in the last four months. I’ve quit my job and I’m in a relationship(!)

Quitting my job

I’ve been at the same job since 2006 with the exception of the summer I was in Seattle. After coming back from Seattle I moved to a different store that was about 70-75 minutes away (one-way). In January after the Spring semester started I began to feel worn down and felt like there was no time to get school work done. I was spending on average 14 hours/week in the car — this isn’t counting if I went out after work or class. And when it came down to it I was spending more money than I was making on gas getting to and from work. It was like a very expensive hobby but one I didn’t like. I was planning to wait it out until the end of the semester (later this month) but after I had to lovely experience of not wanting to leave my bed for about two weeks in January/February I decided it needed to happen sooner. So at the end of February I quit.

Now that I’m unemployed I don’t see that my schedule has changed too much because I can always fill my time up with other things; some are worthwhile things and some are new ways to procrastinate*. That being said, it’s nice to wake up on days I would normally work and breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not commuting anymore. It’s also nice that I can’t use the excuse “I can’t do x because I have to work!” or “I can’t go out tonight because I have be up early for work tomorrow!

So I’m hoping now that I’m not working I can go to school full-time without a problem and get this degree done as soon as possible. I still have about 2.5 years left; it feels like a long time but not as long as it would be if I were working. *I do need to discipline myself and get things done before their due date and not cram the night before and stress myself out. As always I’m a work in progress.

It’s complicated

It’s been almost five years since I’ve been in a relationship so it’s weird saying “I’m in a relationship.” Technically we’re listed as “It’s complicated” on Facebook, because he’s in New Jersey and I’m in Kentucky. It’s a long story that I could probably dedicate an entry or two to but I doubt anyone wants to read it.

The short version is Andy and I began chatting sometime around 2002 and finally met in person in 2007. Since then we’ve visited with one another quite a few times. We finally made our “complicated” relationship Facebook official™ on Valentine’s day.

I didn’t see myself ever trying a long distance relationship with anyone but something felt right about this. Andy and I have been friends for so long and in that time I don’t recall a single fight. Not to mention there are aspects of our relationship that I find completely endearing. For example, when we’re out of town we always send postcards to one another. Who does that these days — especially two self-proclaimed geeks?

The distance doesn’t feel like a big deal (and who’s to say there will always be distance,) and with the age of technology it’s easy to talk to one another. In fact, in the last year I’ve seen him more often than some of my friends who live in the same state. I’m not going to name names but you know who you are. I drove to NJ during my spring break a few weeks ago and already have a ticket booked for my birthday. There’s not many people I’d drive 13 hours to see unless their last name was Hanson so I suppose he’s a pretty big deal!

So what’s new with you?

6 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Andy says:

    Wow, this geek sounds like a great guy… 😉

    1. Pam Culver says:

      Completely humble, too! 😀

  2. Jenny says:

    Yea I’ve changed domains a LOT in my life on the ‘net but I finally got one that I like and am gonna stick with. I keep renewing my old ones though an just redirecting them to the new one ’cause I’m selfish and don’t want anyone else to have them 😛

    1. Pam Culver says:

      Hah! Do you ever go back into and look at your website over the years? There are quite a few sites that I don’t own anymore and occasional I’ll go back in the archives and look at some of the crazy stuff I would put online.

  3. Jesse says:

    Long distance relationships aren’t vet the easiest but some people are able to make it work just fine. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t have to be glued to your other half to be happy, then you should be fine.

    Good to see things are going wel though Pamster.

    1. Pam says:

      Hey, Jesse! In previous relationships I liked being at their side but I guess since we’re both busy it doesn’t seem like a big deal that we’re not constantly around one another.

      P.S. When are you getting your site up?! ;-D

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