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Week six

About a week ago I finally had enough of being sick and went to the doctor. I very rarely go to the doctor because most of the time they give me a slightly higher dose of something I could get over the counter and it’s a waste of money since I don’t have health insurance. Usually after a week of a cold I am feeling better, but it only seemed like it was getting worse and it was affecting my sleep. Long story short, I had a sinus infection. Thankfully, I’m feeling much more like myself now.

This past weekend I went to Cincinnati to visit Matt and Lindsey. It was nice just hanging out, taking photos at a couple parks, and eating lots of good food. I have some left over Green Lantern pizza (mozzarella cheese, garlic, pesto, mushrooms, goat cheese, and artichokes) from Dewey’s that I’ll be rehashing today for lunch.

I got back yesterday and I was a little apprehensive about stepping on the scale this morning. Despite not exercising as much as I had been the past few days and eating lots of good food I lost a pound. Which brought down my total to 15.6 lbs lost all together. I’ve been wanting to hit 15 lbs for a while. It’s not a big number but it’s a milestone nonetheless. It gave me a bit of a high this morning seeing that number. I had another exercising high this past week. Thursday, instead of taking the shuttle from where I have to park to campus I walked. It was only about a mile one-way, which was less than I was expecting, but it added an extra 3,000 steps to my pedometer. I remember walking back to my car with a huge smile on my face and entirely optimistic. I hope I continue to get these highs.

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