Away We Go

Away We Go Our last evening in San Francisco my brother and I went to see “Away We Go” at the local cinema. First off, are amenities fees normal at cinemas in bigger cities? We ended up paying $11 plus a $3 “amenities” fee. Here I thought paying $9 to see a film was ridiculous but then again I don’t go to the cinema a lot. Anyway . . .

I was a little nervous about seeing this because the artwork looked a lot like “Juno”, but it looked really good from the trailer and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I’m used to seeing John Krasinski as Jim on the television show “The Office” and it was refreshing to see him in a somewhat serious role, this is definitely a comedy but also a tearjerker at times. I liked that Alexi Murdoch‘s music is used as the soundtrack for the film, it seemed to make the film come together and give the emotional parts that extra punch. Hopefully this film will give him more attention because he’s an amazing songwriter.

The movie seemed to hit close to home in some aspects because the two main characters keep searching for home. I’ve been away from Kentucky for a little over a month now and I’ve put into perspective a lot of things I like and miss about KY. Maybe KY is home after all – or at least for the time being. I’ve grown used to living in an isolated area and it’s kind of annoying sometimes having neighbors so close. It’s surprisingly quiet right now, usually people are out in the parking lot talking and/or have horrible rap music blasting out of their cars, setting off fireworks, or I’m hearing what I believe to be gun shots in the distance. Several gun shots were going off around 8:30 this evening, I guess whoever it was got it out of their system then. LoL.

Back to the movie: if you only see one film this year make sure it’s this one, and if you need more convincing watch this trailer.

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    I saw this a few weeks ago & was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. While some parts were way cheesy, it was really good for the most part. I've never laughed out loud and do it so loud so many times as I did during this film.

    Cory - July 6, 2009

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