Giveaway : Hanson Tayfarer Sunglasses & Window Cling

Last year I randomly received a package from with a pair of Tayfarer sunglasses and a window cling. Come to find out I was the street team member of the month. Since I have prescription sunglasses I can’t wear the sunglasses and I don’t see myself putting the I ♥ Hanson cling on my car anytime soon. So instead of these items continuing to collect dust, I’m giving these two items away!

Tayfarer Sunglasses

I Heart Hanson window cling

Rules / Etc.

01. Comment below with which item you’d like to have and to make things fun why you love Hanson!

02. Winner will be drawn at random on July 5, 2011. I will contact the two winners within 24 hours via e-mail. Make sure the e-mail address given when commenting is one you check regularly!

03. Contest is open to residents of the United States only!

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Spring Mini-Mix : 2011

Spring Mini-Mix : 2011

Spring has sprung and it’s already beginning to feel like summer in Kentucky. Seriously, it’s supposed to be almost 90° today! Yikes! I miss when it felt like Spring for a longer period of time rather than jumping right into hot, humid weather.

Some of these songs don’t necessarily remind me of Spring but these are a few of my favorite songs at the moment.

01. Death Cab for Cutie – “You Are a Tourist

And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born then it’s time to go. And define your destination there’s so many different places to call home
I am so excited that DCFC is putting out a new album this year! I’ve purchased the iTunes Pass where a new song is released every couple of weeks until the release date. I love when artists do unique things like this for their fans. And I love that they made the video for this song live and in one take.

02. The Traveling Wilburys – “End of the Line

Well it’s all right, even if you’re old and gray. Well it’s all right, you still got something to say. Well it’s all right, remember to live and let live. Well it’s all right, the best you can do is forgive
A good driving song and an excellent song to live by. Since embedding is disabled for this particular video you can watch it here.

03. Hanson – “Give a Little (RAC Mix)

I put the original on the last mix but they’ve just released the deluxe single with remixes. I happen to like this remix (and video) a lot. Plus, all profits go to the Red Cross! It’s a good deal: $2.99 for 3 songs and 4 videos!

04. Chromeo – “Night by Night

I love these guys and they’re one of the few bands that uses auto-tune appropriately. Not to mention their videos are always so damn entertaining.

05. Joshua Radin – “Road to Ride On

You say, someday we’ll know where to go, but we don’t know. I’m always the last one, never ready for the fast ones. Well it’s time to change. So we make our plans, set our sites on a new land. One that’s kind of strange
Joshua Radin is usually hit or miss for me but this is a really good driving song.

06. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas – “Dancing in the Street

All we need is music, sweet music. There’ll be music everywhere. There’ll be swingin’, swayin’ and records playin’. And dancin’ in the streets
Simply one of the best Spring and Summer songs that I always have on repeat!

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Summer Mini-Mix (2010)

Summer Mix : 2010

01. Rooney – “I Can’t Get Enough” [ iTunes ]
I tell you yes, you tell me no, I ask you why, you never let me know, you close your eyes, I hold you tight, but it’s no surprise, I’ve got nowhere to go.
When I think of Rooney I think of summer, and this is a danceable summer song that everyone needs!
**For fans of Phantom Planet, The 88, and OK GO

02. Court Yard Hounds – “The Coast” [ iTunes ]
Blue skies, green waters, white birds in the air, brown skin, blue collar, and the wind blowing in my hair.
Another great summer song that everyone needs!
**For fans of Dixie Chicks and Sheryl Crow

03. The Swell Season – “Young Hearts Run Free” [ *free* download ]
Young hearts to yourself be true; never get hung up when love really don’t love you.
I recently saw this band live and I was blown away by their performance, needless to say, their albums have been on heavy rotation. This is a cover from the 70’s that they’ve modernized quite a bit.
**For fans of The Frames and the movie “Once”

04. Neon Trees – “Animal” [ iTunes ]
Here we go again, we’re sick like animals, we play pretend, you’re just a cannibal and I’m afraid I wont get out alive, no I won’t sleep tonight.
This is a gem I found on iTunes as a *free* discovery song that causes me to speed… among other things.
**For fans of fun., The Rocket Summer, and VHS or Beta

05. Hanson – “Give A Little” [ iTunes ]
Give a little heart and soul, let your body lose control, give a little oh oh ohhh…
I’ve been a fan of this band for over half of my life (!) and I can’t say enough good things about them. I know many people who are reading this are probably scoffing but do me a favor give them another chance. It’s been many years since “MmmBop” was released and their music has changed quite a bit. This is a fun song with a nice horn section.

06. Band of Horses – “Compliments” [ iTunes ]
If there’s a God up in the air, someone looking over everyone, at least you’ve got something to fall back on, and what do people really hope?, Does anybody even care?, I bet you get a lot of compliments down there.
A recent download that I highly recommend, in fact, the entire album (Infinite Arms) is fantastic.
**For fans of The National, My Morning Jacket, and The Shins

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Summer Songs : 2009 Edition


Happy 4th of July! To celebrate I wanted to pass along a few of my favorite songs that I’ve been playing a lot this summer. A few new songs as well as an oldie. I hope you enjoy!

01. Alexi Murdoch – Blue Mind
“So watch your time turn to sand, let it spill quietly from your hands. Oh, and the time is at hand when all things under the sky. Go free of time, no time is passing you by. Got no time and I am drifting.”
After seeing “Away We Go” only a couple weeks ago Irediscovered my love for Alexi Murdoch. “Blue Mind” is one of my favorite songs off of his debut full-length album Time Without Consequence.

02. Phoenix – Lisztomania
“So sentimental not sentimental no. Romantic not discussing it, darling I’m down and lonely. When we’re the fortunate only? I’ve been looking for something else. Too late too late too late she’ll be late too late too late. So go slowly discourage distant from other interests. On your favorite weekend ending this love for gentlemen only. That’s where the fortunate only. No I gotta be someone else. These days it comes it comes it comes it comes it comes and goes. A Lisztomania. Think less but see it grow, like a ride like a ride oh! Not easily offended, know how to let it go. From the mess to the masses.”
I remember reading about this band a couple of months ago on a music blog based out of Louisville called Backseat Sandbar. I didn’t check out their music immediately but saw it at a record store here in Seattle, and as it turned out I really liked it. If you like infectious songs this one is for you. Thanks for the recommendation Backseat Sandbar, and sorry I didn’t listen sooner!

03. Bat for Lashes – Daniel
“But in a goodbye bed with my arms around your neck. Into our mouths our tears crept just kids in the eye of the storm. And as the house spun round my dreams pulled me from the ground forever to search for the faith for home again for home again.”
I really want to love Bat for Lashes but this song is about the only one I can tolerate. Plus the video is pretty cool.

04. Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem of the 80’s
“I’m walking through the city like a drunk, but not. With my slip showing a little like a drunk, but not. And I am one of your people but the cars don’t stop. And I am one of your people but the cars don’t stop. And it’s been a long time since before I’ve been touched. Now I’m getting touched all the time. And it’s only a matter of whom, and it’s only a matter of when.”
I’ll be honest I haven’t listened to Regina’s latest album Far a great deal but this is one song that has stuck out. “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” is catchy and fun to listen to while you’re driving, the windows are down, and your music is blaring.

05. Ryan Adams – Memory Lane
“Sometimes when my memory fails I look into my book of spells. Cards we wrote and pictures taken by someone else. I feel the pain, memory lane. I sleep by the window sill sounding out and dream for real of simple times of hands in tangle, fingers engaged. Memory lane.”
This is one of my latest finds and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of his. Personally I don’t think Ryan Adams can do no wrong when it comes to songwriting so I guess I am biased. I find this to be a truly sad but beautiful song. Hopefully he returns to music soon to share his beautiful music with us again!




I know it’s not a game but it feels like losing when someone you love gets up and walks away. I’d fix it, I’d fix it, I’d fix it if I could.” – Fix It

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Adam’s for a few years now, and I was extremely excited when I found out he was releasing a new album this year. Sometime last year there was talk of a boxed set of bootlegs and unreleased songs, most of which can be found online. Even though that would be cool, I’m glad to have new music. I’d still buy the boxed set if it was ever made available.

I’ve been more of a fan of Ryan’s solo music rather than when he teams up with the Cardinals…at least until now. It took listening to “Cardinology” a couple times before it really clicked with me. In terms of albums this is probably my favorite that he’s released. Sure, there are other songs I love much more than the ones on Cardinology but they vary by the album, this is the first album of his that I really like every song. Does that make sense? Probably not. If you’re not sure you’re going to like this album try out these songs: Crossed Out Name, Fix It, and Cobwebs.

I can always recommend more music from other albums that are worth listening to – just email me. What’s funny is I have almost 1.5GB worth of his music and I’m missing quite a bit still. That’s one (of many) things I like about him: he’s always making music. My Ryan Adams collection is the biggest music collection I have in iTunes. I’m really surprised Hanson didn’t beat him considering the amount of imports that I’ve accumulated over the years. Heh-heh.

External Ryan Links:
+ The official web-site & blog

+ See what they’re doing on twitter

+ My concert photos from last years show @ the Brown.


Seven Songs

After being tagged by Patrick I thought this might be fun…

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.”

In no particular order:

01. “Blankest Year” – Nada Surf
This song came on randomly about a week ago and I have been listening to it non-stop – it’s such a catchy song.

02. “Moorestown” – Sun Kil Moon
I recently saw Mark Kozelek (the lead singer of Sun Kil Moon) perform and this was one song that stuck out from the show. Most of their music sounds like this – it’s the perfect music when you want to unwind.

03. “Medicine Wheel” – Aimee Mann
I’m having a hard time getting into Aimee’s new album “@#%*! Smilers” but this song is an exception because it’s classic Aimee.

04. “Firecracker” – Ryan Adams
“Well, everybody wants to go on forever. I just wanna burn up hard and bright. I just wanna be your firecracker and maybe be your baby tonight.”
Ryan Adams is pretty much a music god in my book and I can’t help but love him even more when he plays the harmonica.

05. “Eyes” – Rogue Wave
I first heard this song on Heroes only to realize that it’s been in my iTunes library for who knows how long. Mellow and sweet is a good way to describe this song.

06. “My Only Offer” – Mates of State
I recently discovered this band through a fantastic music ‘zine called Paste. I later previewed their album “Rearrange Us” at ear x-tacy and it’s now on my list of albums to buy. Overall the song is pretty catchy – go download it!

07. “With a Little Help from my Friends” – Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson
Have you seen “Across the Universe”? If you answered “no”, please watch it! This is a cover of the popular Beatles song and these two actors manage to pull it off. Feel free to watch this video too. The video version of the song is slightly different.



Narrow Stairs


I think Death Cab for Cutie’s (DCFC) new album Narrow Stairs is going to be one that has to grow on me. I took the time to sit down and listen to the album with no interruptions and it’s different. It’s not that I hate it by any means, however, a few songs on the album are very different from their normal style. If it wasn’t for Ben Gibbard’s familiar voice I would have never guessed “You Can Do Better Than Me” or “Your New Twin Sized Bed” was a DCFC song.

In saying that, the album has redeemable qualities. “I Will Possess Your Heart” is 8:45 of pure joy, and I especially love the video that came with my iTunes purchase. “Cath…” is also a favorite of mine. “Bixby Canyon Bridge” has been on repeat today. I can’t help but to be lured in by this beautiful song.

“All the way from San Francisco
As I chased the end of your road
‘Cause I’ve still got miles to go.
And I want to know my fate
If I keep up this way.
And it’s hard to want to stay awake
When everyone you need, they all seem to be asleep.
And you wonder if you missed your dream.”
Bixby Canyon Bridge

While this album is nothing compared to their previous album “Plans,” it certainly isn’t the worst. I’ll be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of “Plans” until after it had been out about a year. I suppose it was one of those albums that had to catch you in the right mood. I’m happy that it did because three years later it’s still one that I listen to frequently. Hopefully this album will be similar.