Cooking with friends : Experiment 1

Last night I got together with a few girlfriends to have a cooking night. I’ve known most of these girls since elementary school and we always get together for each others’ birthdays. It’s nice to have a group of friends close by because I get tired of driving to Louisville (about an hour – depending on what part of town) to see other groups of friends. Overall, I was impressed with how it all came together. We were only planning to make the main entree together, however, the sauce for the chicken had to marinate for an hour and so there wasn’t a whole lot of cooking “together” per say. We did make the peanut sauce for the chicken together. The recipe for the peanut sauce called for molasses and this was my first time ever trying molasses. Not a huge fan; the smell was a huge turn off. I think I would have preferred dipping the chicken in something garlic-y as opposed to sweetish. But that’s the fun part of cooking — trying new things. The Menu Appetizers A rosemary loaf with garlic butter Brie with crackers Dinner Tasty Chicken Satay Easy Apple-Cranberry slaw Chickpea salad Desserts Angel food […]

Recipe: I’m Feelin’ Lazy Lasagna

First off I have to say I love our library! I’ve utilized it so many times over the last year, whether it was using their wifi, checking out books, audiobooks, or dvds. I’m always surprised by the selection given I live in a really small town. Seriously, you should visit your local library if you don’t already! Anyway… I picked up a book called Substitute Yourself Skinny: Cut the Calories… I rarely make things that I’m unfamiliar with unless I see a photo of it first. This book had quite a few photos compared to other books I looked at and I was sold. I’ve bookmarked several pages of things I want to try already. Saturday I’m getting together with a few girlfriends at my sister’s house and we’re making an entree (Chicken Satay which is also from this book) together. It should be a lot of fun. I’ll share that recipe if it goes over well. Tuesday night I opted to make this lasagna recipe since it didn’t require me to pick up any new ingredients. Overall I liked it. I think it could have used something to sweeten it a bit and cheese on the top would have […]