Louisville AIDS Walk : Please Donate!

Since I’m not working right now I feel as though I need to do things to keep myself active. There have been days where my only physical activity has been walking from one room in the house to another. I hate that feeling! I’ve been wanting to do the AIDS walk for a while but I’ve been waiting to find someone to do it with me. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably be waiting forever so I’m going to do it anyway! Honestly, I’ll probably enjoy it more by myself anyway. I have a goal of $300 and I think I can meet that goal. I’m asking in lieu of gifts for my birthday that people donate to this cause. Even if you can only donate $1 that would be helpful. I’d throughly appreciate it and you’ll even get a hug from me (assuming you live near by)! 😛 You can find my donation page here. Thank you! 🙂

The Food Tour

I’m back from my trip visiting Andy in Jersey. I should add the word unfortunately to the previous sentence. I always have a blast when I visit him so it’s always difficult leaving. I still wish I would have forced him into my car when I left Tuesday morning. ;-P Andy’s Lychee Saketini from Teak From the photos I took while visiting (insert shock and awe!) it appears that all we did was eat. That wouldn’t be a stretch to say as we both love good food… But we did walk around quite a bit so we’ll pretend that evens things out. Pretty view from a rest stop in MD or PA Wednesday night when I arrived we had a (delicious) turkish meal from a little place near his apartment that we’ve been to a few times and called it an early night. Andy (probably) checking in to foursquare Thursday we had lunch at Teak on the Hudson where we had sushi and headed to Queens. The trip to Queens was short-lived because I didn’t realize I was still tired from the drive there and not getting very much sleep the day of my drive. I would like to go […]


I finished up the Spring semester and I couldn’t be happier. This has been an exhausting semester and a complete test of my patience at times. Fortunately, I have a whole month free between now and the beginning of the summer semester. I have a few ideas for things I’d like to do during this time, but I know if I do everything that I want I’ll kick myself for not taking it easy come June. It’s difficult to find the balance between completing tasks and also making time for rest. Here are a few things I want to do while on break… Read With my tax return I decided to splurge on one thing: a Kindle. Unfortunately, with my schedule I haven’t been able to read a lot and so I’ll be happy to break it in! I have three books waiting to be finished, as well as books I’ve been adding to my goodreads to-read shelf. Take photos Every now and then I reminisce through my Flickr feed to times when I took a lot of photos. I hate that my camera bag sits in my closet literally collecting dust. I’m planning to take at least one photo […]

Cooking with friends : Experiment 1

Last night I got together with a few girlfriends to have a cooking night. I’ve known most of these girls since elementary school and we always get together for each others’ birthdays. It’s nice to have a group of friends close by because I get tired of driving to Louisville (about an hour – depending on what part of town) to see other groups of friends. Overall, I was impressed with how it all came together. We were only planning to make the main entree together, however, the sauce for the chicken had to marinate for an hour and so there wasn’t a whole lot of cooking “together” per say. We did make the peanut sauce for the chicken together. The recipe for the peanut sauce called for molasses and this was my first time ever trying molasses. Not a huge fan; the smell was a huge turn off. I think I would have preferred dipping the chicken in something garlic-y as opposed to sweetish. But that’s the fun part of cooking — trying new things. The Menu Appetizers A rosemary loaf with garlic butter Brie with crackers Dinner Tasty Chicken Satay Easy Apple-Cranberry slaw Chickpea salad Desserts Angel food […]

Recipe: I’m Feelin’ Lazy Lasagna

First off I have to say I love our library! I’ve utilized it so many times over the last year, whether it was using their wifi, checking out books, audiobooks, or dvds. I’m always surprised by the selection given I live in a really small town. Seriously, you should visit your local library if you don’t already! Anyway… I picked up a book called Substitute Yourself Skinny: Cut the Calories… I rarely make things that I’m unfamiliar with unless I see a photo of it first. This book had quite a few photos compared to other books I looked at and I was sold. I’ve bookmarked several pages of things I want to try already. Saturday I’m getting together with a few girlfriends at my sister’s house and we’re making an entree (Chicken Satay which is also from this book) together. It should be a lot of fun. I’ll share that recipe if it goes over well. Tuesday night I opted to make this lasagna recipe since it didn’t require me to pick up any new ingredients. Overall I liked it. I think it could have used something to sweeten it a bit and cheese on the top would have […]


During the middle of March I started receiving e-mails from NameCheap regarding my domain name renewal. I briefly thought about not renewing it because I haven’t updated since June. Though I’m sure that’s not the longest I’ve gone without posting to one of my sites. I gave thought to buying a new domain, one that didn’t allude that I only blog about Apple or cosmetic (M.A.C) products. However, moving databases makes me uneasy and it seemed like a lot of work. So I opted to renew this domain and decided I should start blogging again. There have been a lot of changes going on in my life since June; actually there have been a couple big changes in the last four months. I’ve quit my job and I’m in a relationship(!) Quitting my job I’ve been at the same job since 2006 with the exception of the summer I was in Seattle. After coming back from Seattle I moved to a different store that was about 70-75 minutes away (one-way). In January after the Spring semester started I began to feel worn down and felt like there was no time to get school work done. I was spending on average […]

Goodbye Seattle!

About 12 hours from now I’m going to be headed back east to Kentucky. I’m not a nervous flyer but I know as soon as I get to Sea-Tac I’ll be anxious for the flight to be over with. My flight is around midnight, with a layover in Houston around 5AM, and I should be arriving in Louisville around 10:45AM assuming there are no delays. Hopefully I can sleep through most of the flight. I have my iPhone filled with several tv shows and new music to listen to. I’ll have that if nothing else. I’ve really enjoyed the time that I’ve spent with my brother, I haven’t been able to spend this much time with him since I was a kid. I’m really surprised we haven’t got into more arguments than we did given the fact we’re getting into arguments when he comes to KY for a few days. When I say “we” it’s mostly “me” starting the arguments. That’s what happens when you have similar personalities, confined spaces, and love one another. There’s definitely things I won’t miss like waking up to horns honking outside of my bedroom window at 4 freakin’ AM, gun shots, the traffic, etc. […]

San Francisco

If you can’t view this slideshow click here for photos. This past weekend my brother Roy and I flew to San Francisco. This is my first time visiting San Francisco or California for that matter. I would have liked to visit “the mothership” in Cupertino but it was going to be about 2.5 hours by bus and we really didn’t have the time. We scoured what seemed like most of San Francisco on our first day. My god is San Francisco hilly! I was warned about this before the trip but I didn’t realize how out of shape I am – well OK I know I’m out of shape but it was a big reminder! We went through Chinatown then North Beach for a boat ride around the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. At times the boat ride seemed more like a roller coaster because the waves were pretty big at one point causing the boat to bounce up and down. As a result, the last 15 minutes of the ride I was feeling pretty nauseous. I don’t see how people do cruises for several days, maybe with a larger boat you don’t feel a lot of the bumps. Later […]

Away We Go

Our last evening in San Francisco my brother and I went to see “Away We Go” at the local cinema. First off, are amenities fees normal at cinemas in bigger cities? We ended up paying $11 plus a $3 “amenities” fee. Here I thought paying $9 to see a film was ridiculous but then again I don’t go to the cinema a lot. Anyway . . . I was a little nervous about seeing this because the artwork looked a lot like “Juno”, but it looked really good from the trailer and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I’m used to seeing John Krasinski as Jim on the television show “The Office” and it was refreshing to see him in a somewhat serious role, this is definitely a comedy but also a tearjerker at times. I liked that Alexi Murdoch‘s music is used as the soundtrack for the film, it seemed to make the film come together and give the emotional parts that extra punch. Hopefully this film will give him more attention because he’s an amazing songwriter. The movie seemed to hit close to home in some aspects because the two main characters keep searching for home. I’ve been […]