Dear internet, I am shamelessly addicted to Pinterest!

A few weeks ago Michael (thanks!) sent me an invite and I figured I would try it out. I assumed like other websites I’d lose interest after wasting a couple of hours. No such luck. I’ve been a pinning machine! (My pinterest account: geekypam)

What’s the point of pinterest? It’s simply a social way to pass along cool things you find on the internet. I’ve been pinning a lot to my Dream Home board. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Clearly I’ll be living alone if my house is that feminine!

Here’s where I(we?) will be entertaining guests!

Also, I love coming across really creative DIY things*. For example, these Save the Date cards. Seriously, one of my friends needs to get married so we can do this! *I’m not really a crafty person but it’s nice to know I have these ideas if I ever become crafty!

Vacation jars – why didn’t I think of this before?!

See? It’s not all bad. And since my birthday is coming up I do have a Wishlist board in case my family needs any help! Granted there are only a couple things on that board I’d feel comfortable with them buying**, so it’s also a board to keep track of things I’d like to get eventually.

I don’t know why but I love this necklace

I can’t remember if it was Kasia or Elizabeth who had this camera bag but I want it! Preferably in turquoise or red would do too. **This would not be one of those things!

So that’s my current addiction at the moment! What’s yours? If anyone is interested in an invite to the site feel free to leave a comment. I think I have 2 or 3 invites left..

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. Photos are copyrighted to their rightful owners. If you’d like them taken down please contact me!


Thanks, Holdfire!

holdfire I just want to put it out there that my host, Holdfire has been the best hosting service I’ve ever used. I can say that because I’ve been through many other hosts and they’re the only one that I’ve stuck around with. Seriously, if you need a website host that is reliable go to them and let them know that I sent you!

Thank you again, Jordan, for what you’ve done for me. ::big hugs!::

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051 : 365 I marked on the calendar at work my last day – Friday, May 8th. I haven’t officially decided what day I’m leaving for the trek to Seattle but I imagine it will be the following week. I wanted to have some time to pack and spend time with friends before heading out. I’m still feeling a little nervous about the drive, and honestly I’d still prefer to fly out there but my brother thinks having a car out here would be helpful.

This week is definitely calm compared to last week. Last week was filled with a lot of stress because I had 3 tests, one of which I wasn’t really prepared for. Plus, I’ve taken on a web design job for my brother’s friend. It’s not a big job but it’s hard to balance putting in time for it with work and school. I have a hard time enough trying to get myself to study let alone do anything else. I’ve been trying to get better by getting rid of sites I waste time on, but I’ve only got rid of BrightKite and Livejournal. I briefly thought about doing away with my Twitter account, too, but I just can’t make myself do that. Heh-heh.

This weekend was my friend Diane’s birthday and we celebrated at her and the hubby’s house with lots of wine – which helped calm down my stress levels. I’m not normally a huge fan of wine but we were told to bring a bottle. I decided to bring a bottle of wine called “The Little Penguin” which won for most unique label. As far as taste it was just okay, but like I said I’m not a huge fan of wine. I’m waiting for embarrassing videos and photos to start showing up on Facebook but none as of yet. Heh.

Speaking of Diane, a while back she asked me for copies of these photos (1, 2, 3) and I was surprised to see them hanging on their wall. If I wasn’t “out of it” at the time I would have taken photos. It’s nice to see my art on someone else’s wall.

I hope you are having a good week! 🙂

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The new year

001 : 365 I first began this post wanting to detail 2008 and the many things that happened, but I don’t want to bore you with what you’ve been able to read in the past, or that I’ve told you. Most of my readers are close friends who hear about what I’m up to on a regular basis, especially if you read my twitter updates. I probably update twitter more than I should at times, but I suppose there are far worse addictions. Overall, 2008 has been a wonderful year. I’ve met a lot of new friends, mostly through flickr, that I continue to see on a regular to somewhat regular basis. Most importantly, I traveled more than I’ve ever done before in a year span. I think that was my big “resolution” for 2008: to travel more. To view photos from 2008 click here.

As for 2009 I’m not making any “resolutions” per-say, maybe a few goals. The word “resolution” seems like a doomed word, who really keeps their resolutions? Well, I suppose there are people out there with willpower, but I’m not one of them. I guess my big goal for this 2009 is to complete Project 365.

I attempted Project 365 last year and it fizzled out shortly after day 100. I lasted longer than I originally thought I would . . . so that’s positive? If you’re unfamiliar with Project 365 it’s pretty simple: you take a photo each day. I recall learning quite a bit about my camera when I was participating, and it’s not a crazy goal to have to keep up with. It helps that some of my friends are participating this year too. I posted my first photo (left) yesterday of my niece. If you’d like to keep up with the my project without joining flickr, you can subscribe to the feed here or livejournal users can add tmg_flickr to their friends.

I’m also brainstorming design ideas for a personal photography website. My brother told me I should do it, and for some reason I’m listening to him. What’s the worst that could happen? Not getting any clients? I’m at least attempting a step forward.

I hope 2008 treated you well and 2009 continues to do so! Happy new year!

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Square One?

I met with my college adviser today to register for classes for the Spring semester, it seems a little early but I guess it’s really not. I was assigned to this adviser after switching my major from “Undecided” to “Business” a couple of days ago. It was a liberating feeling at the time to finally not be undecided, but to be working toward something. I went to this adviser in hopes that he would be able to tell me what would transfer to UofL, and keep me going in that direction. Instead, he was about as clueless as I was and still am. I was already annoyed because he kept me waiting almost 45 minutes after my scheduled time, time that I could have been studying, so this added to it. He said that UofL is constantly changing their curriculum and it’s really hard to say what will transfer without talking to someone at UofL. I think a lot of it is universities want their students to get all of their classes completed at the university, and they’re making it increasingly difficult to have transferable courses available at community colleges.

He found three classes for me and had a problem finding a fourth class to put me in. He finally found an Intro to Business class. He thought that it was transferable, he said, “…if nothing else you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for and if you want to continue a Business degree.” Great! I guess the Spring semester will be my last semester at ECTC… and off to bigger and better things!

As much as I want to move out as soon as possible I’ll probably delay it a little while. Given the state of the economy, the world going down the crapper, how dramatically Obama changes things when he becomes President ( 😉 ), etc. I’d feel safer about saving extra money to have in case of emergencies. I’ve seen too many of my friends move out before they should and depend on a credit card to get by each month. It’s better to be smart about it, right?

I have a busy weekend ahead with errands, work, and a definition-argument I need to write before going on vacation on Wednesday. I think it’s inevitable that I’ll have to work on final revisions while on vacation, but it shouldn’t require too much time and effort. What do you have planned for the weekend?

Also, I wanted to wish my brother Roy a very Happy Birthday! Miss you! 🙂


Web 2.0

I first joined Twitter about a year ago and I deleted my account not long after signing up. It seemed like a silly concept and another website that I would have to keep track of. After joining again a few months ago it has become an addiction. I actually spend more time refreshing Twitterrific than I do on Flickr. I move from one addiction to another. It’s interesting to see what others are doing and a great place to meet new friends. Louisville has even began to have meet-ups for twitter members. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the first one, but apparently they had a huge turn out.

Another website that has become popular among twitter members is BrightKite. BrightKite is a website similar to twitter where you can post notes, your current location, and post photos from your camera to their site. I’m a little hesitant to post too much information at this website. Is it really safe to post your home location? Who knows who will stumble across your page and decide to stalk you. There are settings to only disclose your locations to friends but it’s still a little unsettling. Until I get a fancier phone I doubt I’ll be using BrightKite frequently.

Speaking of fancier phones I’ve been eyeing Blackberries; particularly the Pearl. My birthday is a little less than seven weeks away and I think I’m going to switch over to another provider that actually offers service at my home as a gift to myself. My friends will be happy to know that they can finally reach me when I’m at home! ::gasp:: I’d love to get one of the new iPhones but I can’t justify $60-70/month for service, especially considering I’ll be working less this fall because of more class work. I’ve been wanting a new phone for a long time and these websites are making me want it even more. If I had a fancier phone I could update Twitter and/or BrightKite from my phone as well as my computer. I could really annoy people with updates. Yes! My plan to take over the internet is working. 😛

The internet is really changing, in fact, it’s been changing radically the last few years. 10-15 years ago websites like twitter or brightkite would have never taken off. I guess we’ve all become more comfortable with strangers reading about our lives, because it seems like everyone has a blog that they update regularly. I’ve met some great people because of the internet, in fact, a couple of my close friends I’ve met online. I’m grateful for that because I wouldn’t have met them otherwise. Thank you, internet. 🙂

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