Week 12 – Joining the gym

For a while my weight loss has slowed down to the point that it’s not moving. I finally stopped weighing myself every week because it was disheartening seeing my weight not moving, or that I gained weight. I took a week to count calories but I got as far as the fourth day, and while I was keeping it under every day, it was overwhelming to keep track of everything with other things going on. I am going to try again soon. It’s been chilly and/or rainy the past few weeks, which doesn’t necessarily keep me from walking, but it’s hard to keep up with the mileage I’ve been doing on nice days. I’ve been trying to do workout videos in addition (usually Taebo or Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred) to make up for the mileage. Last Friday, I was determined to go back to Iroquois Park since I needed a change of scenery and something that would kick my butt – thank you Christina for introducing me to this park! I knew it was going to be cold that morning (30-something F) but after my body and brain fought one another for about 20 minutes I finally got used to […]

What doesn’t kill you…

Happy November! I’m into week 9 of my fitness journey and feeling great aside from some (temporary) physical pain but more on that later… When I first started out I was apprehensive about blogging or even making a separate twitter account documenting what I’m doing/eating/etc. to be healthy because what if I fail? Thinking about that now, I’ve missed out on things in life because I’m too worried about failure. I guess we all have this fear of failure to a point, but I feel like in certain aspects of my life that fear is more paralyzing than it should be. I’m so glad I started blogging and tweeting about this. It’s held me accountable and kept my mind stimulated – often when it should be stimulated on other things. When I began I doubt I could come up with anything nice to say about myself, and the more I think about it; I’ve felt this way a long time. It’s sad that I let it get to that point. With that being said, I feel like in this short time my confidence is back to what it should be. I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight this early […]