iPhone 4

Despite being into technology I am usually always behind on having the latest and greatest. One, I’m a college student (‘nough said), and two, I’d rather wait and get feedback from others about a product before buying. I’d rather be late in the game than wasting money on something that turns out to be underwhelming. I have been an Apple user since ’05, and say what you will about their prices, they produce great products. Just this year I upgraded my Powerbook G4 to a Macbook. I probably could have waited a little while longer but with the software I needed for college it was running a little slow for my comfort. It has now been passed on to my sister. My current iPhone is the 1st generation that I bought off of a friend when they announced the first 3G model. I’ve been using this phone for the last two years and it has served me well but it is time. Oh, it is time! After the debacle of trying to pre-order the phone on the 14th, I was finally able to reserve one at the Apple store. The following day I was finally able to pre-order it, but […]

Summer Mini-Mix (2010)

01. Rooney – “I Can’t Get Enough” [ iTunes ] I tell you yes, you tell me no, I ask you why, you never let me know, you close your eyes, I hold you tight, but it’s no surprise, I’ve got nowhere to go. When I think of Rooney I think of summer, and this is a danceable summer song that everyone needs! **For fans of Phantom Planet, The 88, and OK GO 02. Court Yard Hounds – “The Coast” [ iTunes ] Blue skies, green waters, white birds in the air, brown skin, blue collar, and the wind blowing in my hair. Another great summer song that everyone needs! **For fans of Dixie Chicks and Sheryl Crow 03. The Swell Season – “Young Hearts Run Free” [ *free* download ] Young hearts to yourself be true; never get hung up when love really don’t love you. I recently saw this band live and I was blown away by their performance, needless to say, their albums have been on heavy rotation. This is a cover from the 70’s that they’ve modernized quite a bit. **For fans of The Frames and the movie “Once” 04. Neon Trees – “Animal” [ iTunes […]