San Francisco

If you can’t view this slideshow click here for photos. This past weekend my brother Roy and I flew to San Francisco. This is my first time visiting San Francisco or California for that matter. I would have liked to visit “the mothership” in Cupertino but it was going to be about 2.5 hours by bus and we really didn’t have the time. We scoured what seemed like most of San Francisco on our first day. My god is San Francisco hilly! I was warned about this before the trip but I didn’t realize how out of shape I am – well OK I know I’m out of shape but it was a big reminder! We went through Chinatown then North Beach for a boat ride around the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. At times the boat ride seemed more like a roller coaster because the waves were pretty big at one point causing the boat to bounce up and down. As a result, the last 15 minutes of the ride I was feeling pretty nauseous. I don’t see how people do cruises for several days, maybe with a larger boat you don’t feel a lot of the bumps. Later […]

Away We Go

Our last evening in San Francisco my brother and I went to see “Away We Go” at the local cinema. First off, are amenities fees normal at cinemas in bigger cities? We ended up paying $11 plus a $3 “amenities” fee. Here I thought paying $9 to see a film was ridiculous but then again I don’t go to the cinema a lot. Anyway . . . I was a little nervous about seeing this because the artwork looked a lot like “Juno”, but it looked really good from the trailer and I didn’t want to be disappointed. I’m used to seeing John Krasinski as Jim on the television show “The Office” and it was refreshing to see him in a somewhat serious role, this is definitely a comedy but also a tearjerker at times. I liked that Alexi Murdoch‘s music is used as the soundtrack for the film, it seemed to make the film come together and give the emotional parts that extra punch. Hopefully this film will give him more attention because he’s an amazing songwriter. The movie seemed to hit close to home in some aspects because the two main characters keep searching for home. I’ve been […]