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San Francisco

Cory has been talking about taking me to San Francisco for most of our relationship and we finally had a chance to get away a few weekends ago. I have been to San Francisco and he’s been but we haven’t been together.

Since I knew we were going to San Francisco, and I knew buying the lens I wanted (24-105mm f/4L) was out of the question given how often I take pictures with my DSLR, Cory opted to rent the lens I wanted as a birthday gift. I haven’t rented a lens before and it seemed like LensRentals.com had the best reviews online. I think the price was pretty fair, and you can rent for however long you’d like, and the lens was in perfect condition. I would definitely use them again if I’m in the market for a rental.

We visited Apple’s HQs in Cupertino and walked and drove around San Francisco. My favorite stops on this trip were Chinatown and Lands End. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. Final verdict: Going somewhere new and exploring one of my hobbies (photography) again certainly helped to get my creative juices flowing. In my opinion, this was probably the best vacation we’ve been on. Also, I want this lens now; my little 50mm f1.8 II just doesn’t compare. Once you go L glass you never want to go back. *weeps*

1 Infinite Loop | Apple HQ

 /></a><br />
These are the two shirts I bought.</p>
<p><a href=Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown, San Francisco

Building Reflections

Chinatown, San Francisco


Trees vs. Architecture

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown Streets

Rub my belly!

Cory, Chinatown

Lands End, San Francisco

Lands End, San Francisco

Lands End

Lands End, San Francisco

Lands End, San Francisco

Lands End, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge


Project 366 – Week One

In my last post I was talking about spending 2016 rediscovering myself, and one of the things I want to do in 2016 is explore my photography hobby. I bought a Canon 7D this last year to replace the Rebel XT I had since 2007 hoping that would rekindle my love. I was super excited when I bought it and once I got it I was overwhelmed when I realized how different it was from my camera. I played with it a little but ultimately it has been collecting dust. I’m inherently lazy, you guys!

So, I’ve decided I’m going to attempt Project 365/366 again; I’ve created an album on Flickr for it. I’ve tried Project 365/366 a few times and failed miserably. I do have the best intentions but I get discouraged when some days aren’t very interesting. In the past I would look at other people who’ve completed their projects and be jealous of where they lived (NYC, San Francisco, Europe) and all the sights they could photograph and keep things interesting. Then I look at where I live and what I see on a daily basis. I’m trying to remind myself that we get so used to our surroundings and we don’t see the beauty in it.

Goals I plan to achieve:

  • Use my DSLR more often
  • Explore new places
  • Get outdoors which would lead to me moving more — win win!
  • Become more comfortable at low-light environments

Bridge Out
Outtake from week one of Project 366

This is the year that I’m determined to finish Project 365, and one of my friends from work is on board too, so that definitely helps. I’m not going to lie, early in the week I was trying to talk myself into just doing a Project 52 (taking only one photo a week), but I knew it was a cop out which would ultimately lead to me giving up on the challenge yet again. I’ve got to remind myself that some days aren’t going to be interesting — that’s simply what life is sometimes. Also, I need to remind myself that somewhere someone is wishing they lived in a smaller town and wished they could take photos of rural areas like where my parents live. In all honesty, I kind of look forward to spring and summer when it doesn’t get dark so early and I can go down to my parents and take photos there again.

I’m not sure if I’ll update weekly on this challenge but I thought it would be good to write down my thoughts this first week. I hope everyone had a great week in the new year!


Rediscovering myself

Original image by Greg Rakozy

The end of 2015 has come to a close which naturally has one reflecting and setting goals for the new year. Many of these said goals will fall by the wayside a few weeks in. 2015 had its up and downs for me. The pros: I moved in with Cory. I’ve never lived with anyone other than family, and so it’s definitely added a new dynamic to our relationship. I also started a new job that I love. The cons: Mom had a health scare and Dad’s health is still up in the air.

The pros aside, I feel I’ve stayed rather stagnate. For the most part, I can tell you what most weeks are going to consist of, because I’ve definitely fallen into a routine. It’s no one’s fault other than my own. Cory and I were talking a couple nights ago and he asked me: What is my thing? Meaning: what are my hobbies? It was a bit of a wakeup call because I simply said, “I don’t know what my thing is” and started crying.  

I love watching “beauty gurus” on Youtube, is that a thing? I do love makeup and that’s probably the closest thing to a hobby that I actively participate in. I used to love traveling, even if I’m not the best travel companion, and I loved photography. During our recent trip to Miami, I didn’t take my camera because it just seemed like a hassle. I had my iPhone and that would be enough for a weekend trip, and even then I only took a handful of photos. This was my first time in Florida and at a beautiful beach, I should be obnoxious and posting lots of photos on social media. But I didn’t. I just didn’t feel like it. Which I’m noticing has become a trend this year. “I just don’t feel like it.” or just “Eh.. I’ll pass..”

So why do I feel this way? Why don’t I know what my thing is? I feel like I’ve narrowed it down to two things. I’ve been out of college for a while now, and I’m still in that student frame of mind, the frame of mind that I don’t have time for my hobbies and so I don’t pursue them. The other explanation could be the SSRI that I’m on. It has been amazing in some ways and not so amazing in others. Hello, weight gain and feeling emotionally blunted!

I suppose what I’m getting at is that I want to spend this year rediscovering myself. Life isn’t fun if you’re not enjoying it fully. I need to revisit things I used to love and I suppose I need to have a talk with my doctor about switching medicines or if it’s time to work on weening myself off of them. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016.


Best of 2015: Beauty Picks

2015 was the year I went Rouge… VIB Rouge… If you don’t know what that is, it’s probably for the best, but it means I spent a shit ton of money at Sephora in a calendar year. In 2015, I finally got a full-time job, at a job I love, and I rode that adrenaline for a while. “I’m working full-time now — I deserve this!” It happens to the best of us…

I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for a while and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to jump back into it. All of these products have been used throughout the year and definitely deserve the best of 2015 and are the favorites in my collection thus far.


Best of 2015: Hair

01. Sephora Favorites – Ultimate Hair Essentials
Want to try a variety of different brands without spending an arm and a leg on full-sized versions you may or may not like? This is the set for you. Of these, the only item I didn’t want to try was the Wen conditioner due to all the lawsuits of customers’ hair falling out (!!) I had a few favorites in this set: Drybar – Hot Toddy Heat & UV protection; I actually bought the full-sized version. I also loved the Living Proof Prime Style Extender, Phyto Lightweight Hydrating Oil and both of the Alterna products. The only reason I haven’t purchased the full-sized is the price. Thankfully, Sephora did have an Alterna 500-point perk recently and I was able to enjoy the shampoo and conditioner again. I’ll be sad when I run out again.

02. GHD Rose Gold Air Hairdryer (Currently out of stock)
This blow dryer was not cheap but I now understand why some cost so much more than ones you find at Walmart, Target, etc. I’ve noticed less damage since using it, my hair dries faster, and it’s quiet in relation to previous hairdryers.

03. Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer
This year I’ve gone through two of these and I will be re-purchasing very soon. This is a great primer to spray on your hair after you’ve stepped out of the shower and need to detangle your hair. My hair doesn’t seem to be as damaged since I started using it. That’s a win in my book. Also, it smells DEVINE.

04. Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash
This detangling brush looks weird but it is a god send if you have issues with tangles. My hair gets tangled daily, and so I was happy to find something that doesn’t yank all of my hair out while I’m trying to brush my hair. Cory loves this product too, often times when I leave it laying out, I catch him brushing his beard with it. It might be time to buy him one for himself. ;-P


Best of 2015: Makeup

01. Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Liquid Foundation
I received a sample of this in one of my Sephora orders late last year/early this year. I somehow received the perfect shade for my skin tone (Beige Clair) and fell in love with that little sample. It was light, covered well, and unlike any other foundation I had tried before. The consistency is thin but not too thin that it’s watery, and it goes on like a dream with the Beauty Blender. Of course, when I looked it up online it was one of the more expensive foundations. I eventually bit the bullet after being unsatisfied with my foundation. I’ve only been through one bottle (it took about 6 months which is normal for me) and I’ve only found one con besides the price. It has a pump but it doesn’t seem to be removable. It was actually a surprise to me when I ran out and it wouldn’t pump anymore. There was still product on the sides of the bottle so it seems like some product gets wasted. Those cons aside, I would say this is my holy grail foundation.

02. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
I bought this blush in Diffused Heat around the holidays last year. I don’t own a lot of blushes but this is the one I reach for 99% of the time. It gives a good color payoff with a little amount of product. Even though I’ve been using this product all year, I’m still nowhere to hitting pan on it.

03. Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks
I’m generally not drawn to liquid lipsticks but these lipsticks had amazing reviews. I initially bought one and was thrilled by the formula. I have a horrible time keeping lipstick on my lips, it never fails that within an hour it’s worn off. These liquid lipsticks didn’t feel like anything on my lips once it set and actually lasted a few hours unless I ate something. Needless to say, I went a little overboard and bought a few different colors. Don’t judge.

04. Kat Von D – Metal Crush Eye Shadows
Kat Von D is crushing it this year. Literally… If I were forced to wear on a couple eye shadows the rest of my life, it would be these shadows. These metallic shadows are SO pigmented, blendable, and soft. The only con is because they’re so soft they do break easily as I learned when I dropped one on soft carpet and the color shattered into pieces. :'( :'(

Can we talk about how fantastic KVD looks wearing these shadows?

Kat Von D - Metal Crush


Best of 2015: MISC.

01. Rifle Paper Co. XL Rectangular Cosmetic Bag (Currently Sold Out) / 02. Rifle Paper Co. Everyday Cosmetic Bag
I adore Rifle Paper Co.’s designs and so I was ecstatic when LeSportSac were releasing cosmetic bags with their prints on it. I use the XL bag for my makeup I use on an everyday basis, and the smaller bag for makeup I put in my purse.

03. Simple Human 5x Sensor Vanity Mirror
This would appear to be the year I purchase all the expensive things! Is this mirror a necessity for everyone? Absolutely not. Our apartment doesn’t have the best lighting, the bathroom is too small for applying makeup, and there’s no real convenient place to apply makeup in front of a window. In my case, it was well worth the money. I haven’t seen any lighted mirrors out there with lighting like on this mirror. It also helps that this is wireless and I can take it wherever I want to sit comfortable in the apartment.


Best of 2015: Skincare

01. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System
This has been on my wishlist for a while and so I finally purchased it this summer when they were offering a special set. I know some people use this device daily, but I personally enjoy using it once a week when I want to take time and deep clean my face.

02. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
My sister turned me onto this Japanese brand a few years ago and this product continues to be a staple in my skincare routine. It is amazing at removing makeup at the end of the day, and it feels refreshing on the skin. This cleansing oil also does wonders at cleaning makeup brushes and Beauty Blenders. I love products that can be used for other things.

03. Philosophy Purity Made Simple
Cory’s Mom bought this product for me a couple Christmases ago. Honestly, I didn’t use it for a while because my then skincare routine was working out pretty well for me (DHC Cleansing Oil + DHC Mild Soap). I ran out of the soap and started using this product. My first impression was that it smelled; it smelled pretty bad. I was going to give it a fair chance but after a few uses I couldn’t get past the smell. For some reason, this year I went back to it. After using it more frequently, I didn’t notice the smell as much. I’ve been using it ever since and have re-purchased it again. It’s a gentle cleanser that takes forever to use up.

04. Makeup Eraser
$20 for a wash cloth?! I know, I was skeptical too. This wash cloth contains some sort of voodoo shit because it gets almost everything off of your face without being abrasive. When I’m super lazy I simply use this to remove all of my makeup without the cleansing oil and it magically comes off. Like any wash cloth, you need to wash it pretty often to keep the germs away, so I’m always happy when laundry is done and I can use it again.

Looking ahead…

I’m definitely planning to shop my collection in 2016 and put a dent in my eye shadow collection. I feel like that’s one beauty item I don’t wear every day and probably my weakest area in application. Who knows, maybe I’ll start playing and find some looks to post here. 🙂

Enough about me, what were your favorite products from 2015?

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A couple weekends ago we visited Chicago for my birthday. I’ve only visited Chicago once before (aside from passing through the airport), and remembered enjoying it aside from the fact we visited on SPRING BREAK, which is really still Winter for Chicago.

We didn’t do a whole lot of research for this trip, which is unusual for both of us, and so the bulk of our first day there was walking around aimlessly. That weekend I didn’t want to research every little thing we did before going; especially food. The restaurants we picked were not picked out for their excellent Yelp reviews. It was interesting going into a restaurant and not knowing what to expect or what the food might look like. One interesting meal we had was in the back of a jewelry store. It was a very small, very out of place, Mediterranean restaurant that was pretty good. The other restaurants we visited were pretty meh but that’s OK. We did randomly stumble upon Shake Shack! We had already eaten lunch an hour or so ahead of that so we got dessert; Cory got a peanut butter shake and I got the Shack Attack. It was just OK. I would’ve liked to try the burgers just to say I tried them. But alas!

We also visited the standalone M.A.C store on Michigan Ave., and of course, I had to visit the Sephora. Cory is such a trooper. I could’ve went to Sephora in KY and IN but that’s not the point. It was my birthday and I enjoy torturing myself by going to Sephora and seeing all the things I want and can’t buy.

Our favorite part of the trip was the Architectural Boat Tour. It was very informative and relaxing; especially after a day of walking. We picked the perfect time of day to go and the weather was nice too. During the boat tour there was a low flying plane with a camera on it filming Chicago for the film Suicide Squad. We’re going to be in a movie you guys! Who cares if we’re just little specks — we’re in it!!

In retrospect, I probably should’ve played around with my new camera before we went on our trip. I found myself frustrated many times trying to remember where the settings I want are, and unfortunately, sometimes I just said forget it. Aside from that frustration — I did get a few gems here and there. I am noticing with the new camera with the wide-angle lens there is a lot of distortion around the edges due to the lens. As fun as the lens is at times, I’d be better off selling the 10-20mm and going with with a normal lens; maybe the 24-70mm. Perhaps sometime next year when I have some money saved. Why are my hobbies so expensive?! #firstworldproblems On to the photos…



I so wish I was standing back when I captured this but I still love it.

Trump Tower


The Bean


Chicago Architectural Boat Tour

Chicago Architectural Boat Tour


Chicago Architectural Boat Tour




Sephora Haul : Beauty Tools + etc

Disclaimer: I want to first start out by saying that this post isn’t me being braggadocios about what I bought at Sephora. I love watching Sephora hauls on Youtube to see what others like, and wanted to do one of my own sans video. This isn’t an example of what a “normal haul” for me looks like; I saved up quite a few Sephora giftcards (**see how in the last paragraph**) and used birthday money to purchase these things.

Sephora Haul - Nars + Smashbox + Kat Von D

First in this haul are items I’m almost out of and in need of replacing. This Smashbox primer is an old favorite, and the very first one I bought when I started getting into makeup. The last foundation I used didn’t seem to mesh well with this Smashbox primer, and so I took a little break from it. I’m currently using a foundation that seems to do well with this primer. I am almost out of my NARS concealer so I thought now would be a good time to replace that as well. I don’t think it’s my holy grail concealer, I have yet to find that one, but this one is less tacky than other concealers I’ve tried.

I also used 100 of my reward points to get this deluxe sample of Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss lipstick in Lovecraft. I haven’t used this one yet but it’s rare to find Kat Von D products as rewards. I’ll have fun playing if nothing else.

Sephora Customized Skincare Favorites

I love, love, love trying out new products especially when they’re sample/deluxe sized, and also it makes me happy when I can finish a product or multiple products. Naturally, the Sephora Customized Skincare Favorites ended up in my cart. I was pretty impressed with this kit. One, the bag looked cute in the photo; two, I can pick out my own products?! YES! When I received it, I was very impressed. The bag is a thick plastic, the zipper feels sturdy, and it feels like it could hold up to some wear and tear. I picked out items I hadn’t tried before; the First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser I’m really eager to try. The Algenist “deluxe sample” is huge at 1.5oz. I haven’t tried a lot of the sheet masks because I look like Jason from Friday the 13th when I wear them. I’ll be sure and try it out when Cory is home. 😛 If any of these products blow me away I’ll post an update.

Clarisonic Mia 1

The Clarisonic Mia has been on my list for a long time but I never bit the bullet. One of my friends recently purchased one, and a co-worker was talking to me about her experience with it, and so that gave me the push I needed. I’m super excited about trying it out but I’m waiting until the weekend to use it so my sister and I can both try it out. For anyone out there who owns one: do you use it daily or once a week?

GHD Rose Gold Limited Edition Blow dryer and flat iron

I feel guilty even posting this purchase but like I said in the disclaimer I’ve been hoarding gift cards. I’ve needed better tools for a while now. After much research I opted for this bundle (GHD Rose Gold Deluxe Set) as it was much less expensive than buying them separately. I tried it out this morning and I understand why this one is so much more expensive than my $20 blow dryer. It doesn’t make that high pitched noise most blow dryers make, which is nice since Cory and I are on different sleep schedules, and I hate waking him up while I’m getting ready. Also, I have a lot of hair despite the short length — I’ve had multiple hair stylists tell me this. With this dryer my hair was dry and styled within 5 minutes even on a low setting. Saving time for the win! Oh and also there’s a setting that only blows out cold air (without having to hold down a button) which is nice if you get hot like I do. ;P

Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Bag

Sephora Samples

These last two photos are items I got free with my orders. The top photo is the Beauty Insider Appreciation bag you could get free with a code. I wasn’t too blown away by the sample selection as I’ve tried most of them but I did like the bag. Unfortunately, the bag isn’t very good quality, and so I’ll have to find a use for it that doesn’t require everyday use.

The bottom photos are samples I received with my order. Eh. I am interested to try the sample of YSL’s Blur Perfector because I won’t be buying the full-sized version. It’s $55. Yeah, no… This is my haul until next time. 😉

**Here’s a tip… If you order online a lot whether it’s Sephora or anywhere, be sure and sign up for Ebates or Swagbucks so you can get cashback or money towards gift cards. Sometimes Ebates has 8% cashback at Sephora; right now I believe is 4% which is still awesome. I recently received a $15 Sephora giftcard from Swagbucks just by shopping, doing the daily poll, and occasionally searching for things using their search engine. These are affiliate links and it helps me out, so please sign up and save money with me!


Memories in 8-megapixels

Sometimes I like to open up iPhoto (or as Apple calls it now Photos) and wander back through my past. This isn’t because I’m longing for anything in particular from my past, simply wanting to take a trip down memory lane or see when an event happened, and then I end up going down a rabbit hole.

My interest in digital photography started sometime during my junior or senior year of high school. I was starting to pick up a couple of small web design jobs thanks to a very influential computer teacher I had who always pushed me even when I didn’t want to be pushed. I remember one day, I took our school’s digital camera out with me to take some photos for a client and I knew I wanted one of my own eventually. This was back in 2001 or 2002 so this fancy Sony digital camera used floppy discs as storage. Can you imagine?!

I’ve had a couple of small cameras since high school and in 2007 I purchased my first DSLR camera: a Canon Rebel XT. I played with it a little after I got it but I found myself frustrated by how many features there were and how I couldn’t quite get the photos to look the way I wanted them to. I quickly learned it’s not the camera that takes good photos; it’s definitely the user and their skills!

Since purchasing that camera, I saw many places through its viewfinder. I visited NJ/NYC numerous times. It traveled with me during our cross country trip to Seattle where I spent a summer. I went to San Francisco, explored Kentucky and a slew of states nearby, and the Grand Canyon. It went overseas with me to Japan and most recently to Europe. I’ve experienced a lot of good memories with said camera, like meeting an amazing group of people from Flickr over the years whom I consider friends now. We don’t get together as much as we used to with the invent of social media but the connection is still there.

I’m not going to lie, since having an iPhone my DSLR has collected a little more dust each year to where there would be months that would go by and it would sit in my closet. This made me sad but with my work and school schedules over the years I didn’t have time for my hobbies. Now that school is behind me, and I have a mostly concrete schedule each week, I have time for my hobbies again. Earlier this week I purchased a new DSLR to replace that camera; a Canon 7D. Which brings me to this post and how getting rid of that camera makes me a little nostalgic.

Canon 7D

Also, I want to say I highly recommend buying used from B&H Photo. I had it within two days of ordering it and I saved a couple hundred dollars just by buying used. If I recall correctly, the one I bought was rated 9 on their used scale which means “shows signs of use, but very clean” but it looked brand new to me but without the box. I was VERY pleased. Now it’s time for me to get out there and get used to all the new features on my camera before we go to Chicago next weekend. Eeek! Wish me luck! But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane and some of my photos I’m most proud of.

March 2007 — This is not one of my favorites by any means, but I think this was the first photo I took with this camera.

Space Needle
Seattle. This will probably always be my favorite.

Emi swinging

Lychee Saketini

Beer sampler
I could do food/drink photography for a living.

Union Terminal, Cincinnati
The first trip Cory and I took together. <3

Emi playing in bubbles
Do you know how hard it is to take photos of bubbles?! It was hard!

Emi blowing bubbles
See above.

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American Sign Museum

Last weekend Cory and I went to Cincinnati for a low-key mini vacation. We haven’t been anywhere since Europe and we were needing to get away and do little-to-nothing.

One of the few plans we had while in Cincinnati was to use a Groupon he bought for the American Sign Museum. I’m so glad he found it because I wouldn’t have went otherwise . . . and it was amazing! It was a tiny museum; like three rooms, but it was nicely done and very photo-worthy. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these photos:

Or in color? Hmmm…

While we were there I was inspired to take some photos that I could later edit with the Party Party App from the amazing people over at A Beautiful Mess and I think they turned out well for what they are.

American Sign Museum - Cincinnati

American Sign Museum - Cincinnati

I really hate to admit it but my iPhone is replacing my DSLR but I’ll never part with it. It’s so easy to do fun things (quickly) with the iPhone and it’s super portable. I took some photos with my DSLR while at the sign museum, but from what I could see on my tiny screen I liked the photos from my iPhone better anyway.

All of these photos were taken with an iPhone 6 using the VSCOcam app using a variety of filters and the Party Party app for animations.

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Fall is my favorite

After a very hot summer that I thought was never going to end, fall is finally here! Fall is definitely my favorite seasons because of the changing leaves and the cool nights and morning. I haven’t been getting out like I used to take pictures of the fall foliage especially with my DSLR. I hope to change that as Cory and I are headed to Cincinnati this weekend so I hope to bring back some non-iPhone photos with me.

These photos were all taken with an iPhone 6, using the apps Camera+ and VSCOcam for editing. The first image/featured image was edited using A Beautiful Mess’ Mini Action Pack; it’s so worth $10.

Fall Leaves on a tree stump

Mum (golden hour)

Mums (black and white)

Fall scenery

Water on a window

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European Adventures

We recently returned from a trip to Europe; London and Amsterdam specifically. This wasn’t my first overseas trip; I visited Japan a few years back. This trip, however, was definitely stressful in terms of traveling. Long story short (in case we’re not friends on Facebook): we had several layovers and our first flight ended up being cancelled after spending almost three hours (!!!!) on the tarmac. The travel gods were on our side that day and thankfully we caught a direct flight to London from Chicago.


We had one full day in London without travel and it feels like we didn’t walk very far but we covered a lot of ground in that one day. We visited the London Eye, Big Ben/Palace of Westminster (MY FAVORITE!), Westminster Abbey, St. James Park, and Buckingham Palace. I was a little apprehensive about spending a lot of money on things but the London Eye is worth getting on. We paid extra for the fast pass and got on almost instantaneously and it wasn’t crowded in the capsules which made taking photos easy. I expected it to be touristy but it showed off breathtaking views of the city. I would do it again!

We spent the most time at the Palace of Westminster because I was in LOVE with the architecture! It was also nice because there was less foot traffic and it made just walking around and enjoying our time that much easier.

London rekindled my love for photography. With my iPhone, I don’t really have reason to break out my DSLR other than special occasions, but I want to change that. I wish I had more to say about London but I guess I shouldn’t wait almost a month in between visiting and writing about it!


One of the first things we did was get frites from Manneken Pis whose logo is a small child peeing — oh Amsterdam. That’s one of the things I remember Cory mentioning the most about Amsterdam when he was talking about his travels early on in our relationship. Apparently frites are a big thing there; basically they’re just french fries and your choice of topping. We both chose some sort of mayo; the mayo reminded me of a thicker japanese mayo. It was good but a little goes a long way.

We stayed in the Red Light District and there was trash everywhere. Needless to say, I didn’t take a lot of photos while we were there. When Cory visited a couple years back and he said it wasn’t like this. I imagine a lot of was it being peak traveling season and such. With the limited amount of time we had there we couldn’t venture out too far but we still had a good time. We did venture out far enough to visit the I amsterdam sign and the Rijksmuseum and its beautiful library; even if it was super hard to get a decent photo. I’ve never been in a library so quiet. Seriously, you could’ve heard a pin drop which made me super aware of how loud my camera was.


We also saw Pearl Jam live and they put on a great show. As someone who didn’t know much of their music before hand, I ended up downloading some of their songs when I came back. We spent the rest of our time in Amsterdam just walking around taking it all in. I wish now I had taken more pictures even if there were trash in the photos just to look back on but alas.

Photos were edited with Photoshop CC, A Beautiful Mess’ Mini Collection, and VSCOFilm 01-05